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Mogging occurs when someone possesses inherited physical traits which are much more sexually dimorphic than another person being compared. Those who use the term insinuate that relatively androgynous people are always humiliated in the presence of those who are more sexually dimorphic. A person who gets mogged is sometimes called a mog-victim.

The term is also sometimes used to refer to any time in which someone outperforms someone else.

History of the word[edit]

The word is derived from the old pick-up-artist term, "AMOG", or Alpha Male of the Group.

Owen Cook popularized the term, "AMOG", while he was working for the PUA named, "Mystery". One night when Owen was supposed to teach the, "Mystery Method", he went off-script and started teaching the, "AMOG" theory.[1] According to this theory, most bars and clubs have a dumb jock or two called an "AMOG", and by identifying the AMOG and consciously deflating his ego, the PUA could overcome his nerd status and become the, "AMOG" himself.[2]

This process of, "bettering", someone through humiliation is now called, "Mogging", and doesn't have the connotations of club dynamics anymore, but now mostly references differences in genetic sexual dimorphism. Proponents of the newer, more social darwinian, "mog", theory, often subscribe to previous PUA concepts about tournament mating and Alpha, Beta, Omega language in humans, with shoddy references to evolutionary psychology or random species. It is true that mogging exists to the extent shallow women exist and people get themselves worked up about it, but there are other factors in attractiveness other than genetic looks.[3]

Types of mogging[edit]

  • Heightmog: being taller than someone else
  • NT-mog: being more neurotypical or social
  • Voicemog: have a better, deeper voice
  • Breastmog: have a bigger breast
  • Buttmog: Have a bigger butt
  • Dickmog: Have a larger dick



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