Midface ratio

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The midface ratio is the interpupillary distance divided by the distance from the midpoint of the pupils to the middle of the lips (sometimes to the top of the lips).

The concept was notably promoted by Phoenix Wright.[note 1]

Low vs high midface ratio[edit]

Low ratio[edit]

Relatively low midface ratio

A low midface ratio could be associated with bodily height. Taller people have longer faces[1] For example, the former basketball player, "Yao Ming", has a low midface ratio, and most likely due to his height.[2]

A low ratio could also be caused by environmental factors such as mouthbreathing (aka, "adenoid face").

High ratio[edit]

Relatively high midface ratio

Some people who appear to have low midface ratios actually have high midface ratios. This is due to an illusion.

Male vs female midface ratio[edit]

For females, a relatively high midface ratio is considered conventionally attractive. This is partially because high midface ratios are neotenous, and female neotony is considered conventionally attractive.

For males, however, midface ratios appear to matters less to attract a mate. Despite the fact that high midface ratios are supposedly conventionally attractive in males, there exist quite a few attractive male celebrities with low midface ratios. Such celebrties include: Randy Orton, Nick Bateman, and Ian Somerhalder.

Attractiveness of midface ratios[edit]

  • 1.1+ very compact/stunted
  • 1.1 compact
  • 1.05 compact ish
  • 1.0 ideal
  • .95 longish
  • .9 bordering too long
  • .9- legit long


  1. otherwise known as Yatterman, who one could find him at missjfacialplasticsurgery.com, Love-Shy forums and PuaHate


  1. Re DE, Hunter DW, Coetzee V, Tiddeman BP, Xiao D, et al. (2013) Looking Like a Leader–Facial Shape Predicts Perceived Height and Leadership Ability. PLoS ONE 8(12): e80957. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0080957
  2. Yao Ming and J.J. Watt - If you measure the height of their midfaces, Yao Ming's is longer, yet it isn't evident at first sight because Yao Ming has wide-set eyes and a high bigyzomatic width.

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