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Masturbation is self-stimulation of the genital region for recreation and pleasure. It can be done in solitude, or with partners via webcam or IRL. There is little functional difference between contraceptive sex and masturbation, as no chemicals are directly exchanged from contraceptive intercourse. Even in non-contraceptive intercourse, the main functional difference is the possibility of pregnancy.

Healthy and common[edit]

Masturbation is very healthy, historically normal, seen regularly all across the animal kingdom, and about 92% of the American human male population masturbates.[1] About 75% of American women masturbate.[2]

Virtual sex[edit]

The qualitative difference between masturbation and sex is mostly a matter of perception, and this fact has given rise to online virtual sex. Virtual sex blurs the line between masturbation and IRL sexual intercourse, and even makes the distinction almost moot. However, virtual sex is still not mainstream and being seen doing it can elicit social ostracization.

Virtual sex is looked down upon and made fun of for the following reasons

  1. IRL sex has millions of pieces of art celebrating and normalizing it. This had made IRL sex at least somewhat acceptable to admit to doing.
  2. IRL Sex is mystified/sacred and IRL sex will mostly likely always be seen as more "real", until something like the Metaverse or a Star Trek holodeck become our everyday lives
  3. Visual virtual sex is almost entirely dominated by men, and homosexual relationships are frowned upon in many areas
    1. Heterosexual men will sometimes impersonate women to get over this barrier, giving more ammo to homophobes to accuse virtual sex of being too "non-organic"
  4. Masturbation is taboo and made fun of and virtual sex is most often masturbation due to the expense and early development status of long-distance robotic online sex/handjobs/etc

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