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International Symbol for Marriage
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Heterosexual marriage, in the modern Western context, is a system of legalized prostitution by which a man bribes a woman with food/drink,[1] resource security, emotional security, amazing sex, never losing his job, transportation service, an expensive ring, enduring a lavish wedding, and often a place to stay. This in exchange for letting him have regular sexual intimacy and to know who his children are through institutionalized long term monogamy (in practice, this promise is broken in 3.4% of all childbirths[2]). This description of marriage does not constitute all that women may be entitled to in a marriage, but it does constitute the most a man is expected to receive. A common symbol of marriage is the future husband going down on one knee, and offering an expensive, diamond ring to the woman. There is a reason why modern women hate to “take a knee”, because, to them, most of the barter is supposed to be on the male side.

Even if there is 50/50 shared parenting and the mother works, it is still a bribe, as the condition for a stable marriage is only the man keeping his job, not the woman. As the National Parents Organization says, “The key factor in the decision to divorce is whether the hubby (note, not the wife) has a job. If he doesn’t, even if his job loss is involuntary, his odds of being ditched by his wife skyrocket.”[3] But a woman’s employment has no influence on divorce rates.[4]

Men who see modern marriage as a scam in favour of women have started a number of social movements including the Father’s Rights Movement and MGTOW.

Monogamous marriage as “preventing inceldom”[edit]

In 1826, Hector Davies Morgan wrote The Doctrine and Law of Marriage, Adultery, and Divorce, which argued, among other things, that marriage was an institution to prevent (in his exact words), “involuntary celibacy”.[5]

Around that same time, Charles Fourier wrote that an objective of marriage was to eliminate poorcels by giving them wives. He went onto to state, however, that monogamous marriage was irretrievably bankrupt for non-German countries, as evidenced by cucks, and proposed using more direct and explicit social contracts to deal with inceldom rather than monogamous marriage.[6]

Possible benefits over non-marriage partnerships[edit]

Marriage has some benefit to men over non-institutionalized long-term sexual bribery as men lose interest in a partner much slower than women and cannot find sex outside of long term relationships as easy as women. This does not mean that women don't enjoy long term monogamous relationships or that men should bribe women for long term monogamous relationships.


The Reluctant Bride, by Auguste Toulmouche (1866)

Women initiate over 75% of the divorces explicitly, and probably over 85% implicitly. Your tax dollars then go toward subsidies for single motherhood, and often the state makes the dad pay the woman after she divorces him.

The process of women marrying men, and then divorcing him for no good reason and collecting child support/alimony is also known as divorce rape. Women often say this is justified as boomer men cheat about 5% more than boomer women, but with the rise of female hypergamy, Tinder, other online dating, and social media, younger married women of the millennial generation are cheating more than men.[7]

Feminist magazine, celebrated that younger women are now cheating more than men with their article, “Women hate monogamy even more than men do, vindicating empowered hoes everywhere.”[8]

Many tradcons like to bring up that lessening divorces might improve the outlook for monogamy as an institution, but statistics show that a whopping 35% of first marriages end in divorce.[9][10][11]

Move Toward Polyamory with Rise in Divorce[edit]

With divorces and broken families rising exponentially and marriages decreasing since industrialization.,[12] women and some economists tout polyandry (multiple women per man in a marriage) as a solution to inceldom and general male loneliness. This is indeed a highly viable solution for reducing inceldom, but may still require a ban on polygyny. (multiple men per woman in a marriage)


Short-term, high-friction polyamory in a resource insecure market economy makes polygyny, and thus incels, inevitable unless there is a specific social contract to outlaw polygyny and allow polyandry.

However, many men have a personal distate for polandry, despite it's mathematical advantages for incels as compared to monogamy or polygyny. Those who have this disgust, but still want to help incels, may advocate for monogamy as it is still less incel promoting than polygyny. Such people include NKL and Jordan Peterson.

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