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The Reluctant Bride, by Auguste Toulmouche (1866)

A marcel is someone who is in a sexless marriage. It is a blend of the words “married” and “incelibacy”.

They are often nearcels or quasicels. “Deadbedroomer” is a metonym of marcel on the web, but encompasses more than just married people.

The most popular marcel webforum is r/DeadBedrooms.

Monogamy as incel-promoting[edit]

Unlike non-married involuntary celibacy, the marcel spouse's only escape is divorce if he or she cannot resuscitate the marriage and the spouse is unwilling to allow an open marriage. For various reasons, this may not be possible, effectively trapping the marcel spouse in an incel person state.

This leads some incel people to reject monogamy out-of-hand as unworkable for incel people, given the incel-promoting nature of many marriages. Such incel people may instead advocate for polyandry, and sometimes a subset of polygamy called polygynandry. Other tradcon incel people make fun of such incel people as cucks

Charles Fourier once wrote that an objective of marriage was to give women to poor men, but he also implied that marriage is bankrupt due to dead bedrooms, and suggested that marriage only works for “monotonous and methodical countries”, such as Germany, and does not work in France, which he stated, “Has the best cuckolds in the world”.[1]


  1. The Hierarchies of Cuckoldry and Bankruptcy by Charles Fourier

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