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Although sensationalism and hyperbole were previously the terrain of tabloids, due to falling revenues and feminist pressure, fakestream outlets of the MSM (mainstream media) including broadsheets are increasingly using hyperbole when covering manosphere-related topics. Due to the misrepresentations of the hyperbolism trend, you should maintain a healthy level of skepticism when reading the MSM.

The androsphere (also called the manosphere) is an umbrella term that covers many different male-dominated online communities, vlogs and blogs etc. The main reason they formed is because mainstream society seems apathetic to male-specific issues. The manosphere formed because males realized that males are disposable.

Due to the negative by-products of male disposability, many manospherian content creators, particularly vloggers, are proponents of the off-grid lifestyle as a way of guarding themselves against the negative by-products of male disposability, such as societal apathy to male-specific problems. Some of the loudest voices in the manosphere include mantactivists (those dedicated to male intactivism) and fapstinents promoting fapstinence, and among ethnicels, concepts such as JBW theory.

Proof of apathy to male problems[edit]

To anyone that wants evidence that society is apathetic to male-specific issues, look at the typical personalitist oriented / feminist response to male dating issues – the typical response is “so what?” or “who cares”, “stop being entitled”, “It’s the patriarchy”, and other similar deflections.


Some subsets of the manosphere include mantactivists, MGTOW, TFL’s, inceldom spectrum-males, hetooists, nofappers, redpillers, blackpillers, PUA, MRA’s, the anti-bluepill. These androspherians are typically opposed to the pussypass, hybristophilia/scelerophilia, ravishoaxing, cacophobia, hypergamy, gynocentrism, androphobia (as well as specific forms of androphobia such as androheterophobia, androafrophobia and androethnophobia).


Besides mantactivism, another issue that gains tracton in the manosphere is penopause. Supposedly, its totally fine for men to have to spend years or even decades to get their finances in order so they can finally and eventually allowed to be seens as viable romantic options. The trope usually goes something like this: “most men eventually do end up finding a relationship” or “don’t worry being single for most of your young life because stats show that most men eventually find a spouse”. Even if that's true, these figures never take into account the reality of penopause. Whats the point of eventually entering the sexual realm once you're financially stable if your libido has dropped by several bricks? According to the mainstream media, the fact that many men find a relationship once they've reached middle age (read: penopause) is supposed to be a satisfactory situation. But that's kind of like buying a brand-new top-range car, and then the dealership saying “you are allowed to receive the keys to this vehicle 15 years from now”. Whats the point in owning this car 15 years later? It’s novelty would have worn off by then.


There is a noted difference in the manosphere in the compositions and interactions of different age groups in the manosphere between forums and vlogging channels, with forums having a tendency for an egalitarian relationship between different age cohorts, whilst on vlogging platforms this collaborative spirit disappears, and is replaced with a tendency for older men to provide mentorship-like comportments to younger men.[1] Some members of the manosphere attempt to highlight health issues that are emblematic to contemporary men, such as a secular decline in sperm count and serum testosterone levels.[2][3]

Sections of the manosphere also attempt to highlight the side-effects of certain biological facts that society seems unwilling to discuss, such as the fact that for every 100 girls born, there is an average of 106 boys born.[4] Although it eventually evens out by the age of 40, what does this mean for vicenarian men (in their 20s), or tricenarian men (in their 30s)? Why does the gender-gap remain undiscussed in mainstream media? Does the existence of an over-supply of young men pose a problem for gender relations? Does the over-supply of young men affect the confidence of young men entering the dating market? The manosphere provides a platform for young men to discuss these facts.

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