Male disposability

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Male disposability refers to how men in modern Western societies are disproportionately treated as disposable in family courts, criminal sentence durations, fourth-wave feminism, child rearing, reporting on homelessness,[1] educational attainment (through forced child drugging), wartime draft policy, domestic abuse shelter policy, and reproduction, among other areas of life.

Historical feminists have very mixed opinions on male disposability. Vocal, modern feminists are generally dismissive about the idea, often in a gaslighting fashion.


[Man is] regarded above all as a producer, and his existence is justified by the work he provides for the group

—Historical feminist Simone de Beauvoir, in a section of The Second Sex speaking of male disposability[2]

Make women rational creatures, and free citizens, and they will quickly become good wives;—that is, if men do not neglect the duties of husbands

—Historical feminist Mary Wollstonecraft speaking of male disposability

Laws promoting male disposability[edit]

There is a biological element causing male disposability, and it is seen amongst males in most animal species. However, amongst humans, male disposability as we know it today came into effect after industrial capitalism.

Some examples of male disposability are:

  • Family courts favoring women, even in situations where it's deeply unfair.
  • Men being imprisoned for failing to pay child support.
  • Men getting harsher prison sentences than women, for the same crime, even when controlled for other factors.[3]

In a sexual context[edit]

Male disposability may also refer to sexual sublimation, where the man's only sexual value arises from his utility in society. Phrases that encourage sexual sublimation and male disposabiliy include making fun of poor men as, “scrubs”.

Potential causes[edit]

Women have, by default, in their bodies, a highly valuable social commodity (a womb) which cannot currently be artificially replicated (for at least another 100–200 years). Men do not have such unique bodily qualities outside coming up with goofy business ideas. However, this only matters in non-egalitarian societies which do not treat everyone as equals. And even in non-egalitarian societies, once artificial wombs are widespread, women will begin killing themselves en masse.


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