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Men Going Their Own Way (short MGTOW, also spelled migtow) is an online, male-exclusive movement which promotes the avoidance of long-term relationships with modern. In particular, they promote the avoidance of rich, Western women, and also promote traditional gender roles.

They hold similar, strong political stances, including consistent advocacy against the Chinese government. The founding philosophies of MGTOW are: anti-feminism, commodity/money fetishism, right-wing libertarianism, and anti-gynocentrism.

MGTOWs are usually celibate and the young ones are incels in denial. They claim their celibacy is voluntary. It is believed that most MGTOWs are coping, especially those in monk-mode. More austere adherents of monk-mode also promote the avoidance of all freemixing in general. Common practices of MGTOWs include: sex with dolls and obsessive money collection.


“Going their own way”

The “core” practice of MGTOW generally involves refraining from any long-term committed relationship with a woman. MGTOWs claim they are choosing this path because women are, "lazy", "selfish", "too low value for rich men", etc.

Incels frequently claim that most of these men aren’t choosing this path and are instead being sent their own way by female hypergamy. This estimation is made because almost all men accept sex upon random invitation and most MGTOWs do not appear masculine or attractive enough for women in 2022.


Also, no fap is very popular among some MGTOWs. Some argue against this though, and encourage masturbation as an alternative to sexual interactions with women. The asceticism, slut shaming, patriarchal attitudes, and self-styled proud volceldom of MGTOW forums makes the members of the forums remarkably similar to puritanical Catholics. This is the general thinking behind the use of the word, “monk”, to self-describe in the MGTOW forum sphere.

MGTOW vloggers[edit]

Although is a popular MGTOW site, MGTOW activity seems to be especially present on YouTube. There are countless accounts dedicated to MGTOW content, each from a different motivated individual. MGTOW is also not really an organized group. Here's some of the more notable MGTOW channels:


MGTOW forums focus on statistical data that highlights inequality in society. MGTOWs use this data to claim the sexual marketplace is a dangerous game with little benefits. Some of the more extreme MGTOWs think female nature is inherently evil/selfish and that female nature can't be overridden. These perspectives generally lead to fear of relationships and frustration with societal expectations to pair up. While there are many different approaches to MGTOW's base philosophy, the majority agree that modern marriage is not a good idea, that long-term relationships are not worth the risk, and their approach to sex after these considerations can vary greatly. The main approaches towards sex can very from occasional short term dating, focusing on getting laid and leaving women, searching for a NAWALT outside of western society, or choosing a volcel voluntary celibate lifestyle.

MGTOWs also obsess over women instead of posting uplifting content. They claim there are numerous benefits of a man “choosing” MGTOW.

/r/MGTOW on Reddit was the largest MGTOW forum for years until it was banned in early August, 2021.[1]

The most prominent MGTOW forumas of 2022 are:


Despite claims that MGTOW is dying as a movement, it remains the most popular manosphere format on YouTube. The top three manosphere content creators as of mid-2021 seem to be MGTOW content creators, rather than incel or MRA.



Off-gridders are the most extreme MGTOWs, who go a step further by disengaging from society as a whole. They can be seen as somewhat similar to the Sovereign Citizen movement in the United States.


Difference between MGTOWs and incels[edit]

Some of the more extreme self-described incels believe in the blackpill, and they believe that they never had a chance to be with a women since the day they were born. This philosophy is greatly different than MGTOW. Self-described incels view their celibacy as out of their control, whereas self-described MGTOWs views celibacy as a safer approach to life.

Similar frustration[edit]

An incel may decide that their celibacy is society's fault, and lash out online where they are safer to do so. They may join MGTOW communities where celibacy is not looked down upon and commonalities can be found. Extremists going through the “red pill rage” may be mistakenly seen as being composed of self-described incels. Both groups show high levels of hostility and frustration, that is not to say that the majority of incels are hostile online, rather that hostile MGTOW experiencing “red pill rage” are the most confusing group to separate from incels by those outside the relevant, forum communities.

On what attracts women[edit]

Another main difference between incels and MGTOWs is their opinion on female attraction. Self-described incels are more likely to focus on looks as the issue, while MGTOWs tend to see women's sexual desires as centering around LMS. This focus for incels can lead to the more nihilistic, deterministic conclusion that their situation is unrecoverable.

MGTOW avoidance of incel stigma[edit]

The term, "incel", has become something of a pejorative to many people. An incel is usually a male non-voluntary celibacy. Today the word, "incel", is normally associated with men who are “failures” or are unable to be sexually appealing to women.

MGTOWs tends to look down on the term, "incel", seeing it too derogatory, dangerous, and/or stigmatizing. MGTOWs do have sympathy for incels however, and see those who experience inceldom as less fortunate that others. MGTOW also believes that if incels wanted to recover, they would only need to work towards wealth and power to overcome their celibacy.

Outside perspectives of MGTOWs and incels[edit]

From outside these communities it is commonly believed that incels see sex as a right, and that MGTOWs are more political than they claim.

MGTOWs are also seen by outsiders as incels in denial or as ex-betabux providers who experienced “divorce-rape” from their ex-wives.

Incels on MGTOW as failure[edit]

Self-described incels look down at MGTOW as a force of societal change, claiming there has been a failure of MGTOW, due to the extreme selfishness reified within MGTOW.

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