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Type: Forum
Founders: Unknown
Frontend Admins: Ieatboogers
(former mod of
Server Admins: Unknown
Writers: Young and old adults of every gender
State: Semi-active
Companies used: Unknown
Successors: None
Prior URLs: Unknown
Alternate URLs: Unknown
URL: ( redirects to is a restart of‎ that started around March 2020.

The forum was created from scratch by a former mod of named Ieatboogers.

Forum's casual sex guide[edit]'s most prominent post is a post by the admin called The NEW ieatboogers guide to sex sites, where he claims male incels can utilize hookup websites and apps successfully through careful use of the websites.

He advises being non-sexual and original during first messages to a prospective hookup. He also advises his male forum users not masturbate at least 24 hours before meeting a woman on a hookup site.

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