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Type: Forum
Founders: Unknown
Frontend Admins: Zesto aka Mafia
Server Admins: Zesto aka Mafia
Writers: Teenage and young adult people
of all genders
State: Offline
Companies used: Unknown
Predecessors: Unknown
Successors: None
Prior URLs: Unknown
Alternate URLs: Lookstheory.net
URL: Lookstheory.org

Lookstheory.org was a pseudo-incelospherian/femcel/neurodivergent forum that advertized itself as a lookism forum. The forum's userbase was unusually inclusive and included lesbians, transcels, anorexiacels, malecels, and femcels.

The content was mostly small-talk, shitposts, and humor. The forum was owned and adminned by Zesto, after a public fight he had with Nathan Larson. Larson owned a previous iteration of the site and taught Zesto the ways of the Unix shell Bash.

Lookstheory was one of the more active pseudo-incelospherian sites. It went offline around the beginning of April 2022. According to a former moderator, the site shut down due to users who were insulting and annoying to the admin Mafia.

Various wars[edit]

There are too many wars to list here that they got involved in. The most notable was Nathan Larson reporting Zesto to numerous levels of law enforcement, after Zesto allegedly engaged in computer tampering on Larson's server to try to ruin Larson's sites.[1][2] Also, somewhat unrelated, Lookstheory tried to poach lookism.net members to some success.


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