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Looks theory is the study of how humans interpret human bodily composition, otherwise known as lookism. It is informally studied by Salon workers, cosmetologists, barbers, nail technicians, plastic surgeons etc.

How plastic surgeons train[edit]

There are no dedicated college courses for plastic surgeons on human beauty, although some people take art classes to perfect their tactile ability, and many people even take clay sculpture classes.[1]

Because the requested surgeries that plastic surgeons receive change year by year, plastic surgeons simply look for trends in facial aesthetics, rather than trying to deduce the characteristics of general genetic beauty, like blackpillers do.

Lookism and dating[edit]

Female preference for looks is mediated by potential length of relationship[edit]

I have asked thousands of women in detail what they "look" for in a guy. Deeper into the conversation, 99% of women will ask you to specify whether I'm talking about the long term or the short term. They ALL confirm that personality means next to nothing for a ons. Whereas personality means alot for [long-term relationships]. "He might get my attention for a short while, but if he's a douche he wont get my heart". Women say that as if men should accept this incredibly unfair deal. We're supposed to ignore the fact that out girlfriend dropped her panties with no resistance, on the same night of meeting a guy. It's the same online. Do some searches; women have two different [ways of assessing a man]; unfortunately only one of them is sexual lust. Coming to terms with this fact is why I've checked out of this game. I'm not becoming a cuckold.

Men are generally more lookist than women[edit]

Only recently have researchers recognized that the qualities that are considered desirable in a short-term sexual partner may differ from those sought in a long-term marriage partner. To investigate this hypothesis, and to explore gender differences in what are considered to be sexually as opposed to maritally desirable characteristics, 70 men and women ranked a set of 23 characteristics in terms of desirability in a potential sexual and marriage partner. As hypothesized, results revealed that both men and women preferred a physically attractive potential sexual partner, and women showed no more preference than did men for a socially or financially powerful potential sexual partner. Also as predicted, men more than women preferred a physically attractive marriage partner; unexpectedly, women did not find such characteristics as social or financial power and a college degree as more desirable in a prospective spouse than did men.
—Journal of Psychology & Human Sexuality[3]

In another study, women rated the lowest-earning men as the most desirable, contrary to what they stated.[4]


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