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Type: forum
Founders: Unknown
Frontend Admins: Victory
Server Admins: Unknown
Writers: Unknown
State: offline
Companies used: Unknown
Predecessors: Sluthate.com
Successors: None
Prior URLs: Unknown
Alternate URLs: Unknown
URL: lookism.net

lookism.net was a looksmax forum created in 2015. Some argue it was part of the incelosphere, but it was mostly just a troll board. It started sort-of self-identifying as an incel forum in 2017. Around December 9th, 2021, lookism.net went offline, and it remains so.

The cause of the current outage is unknown. Some hypothesize it was due to the domain registrar njalla dropping the site. But this is so far unsubstantiated. Others speculate the 2021 Michigan shooter Ethan Crumbley was tied to lookism.net, contributing to lookism.net's demise, but this is also so far unsubstantiated.[1]

An attempt to revive the forum was made at the URL bookism.net (with a 'b') on April 4th 2022.



Around June 2015, a sluthate user created lookism.net after sluthate.com suffered down time for a few days. The admin's name on lookism.net was/is “Victory”. Many users migrated to lookism.net’s better server. Lookism.net is a member of the PSL forums.

About a year after Sluthate was created, users were complaining about it’s name, server issues, very slow loading times, the forum not banning pedo talk, and no limit on signature size. According to eggman, male models he talked to online said they browsed lookism.net as they were curious how they were talked about and how they stacked up relative to other male models. Video where eggy talks about this: [1].

Self-identifying as an incel forum[edit]

Lookism.net broke with PSL tradition by self-identifying as an incel forum around 2017 and becoming more sympathetic to pick-up artistry (ironically due to the installation of a mod that completely rejected the validity of male looks as being the key to attracting women). The users of the forums eventually developed their own supposedly "objective" rating system that follows a rough normal distribution, which is known as a PSL rating.

Vandalizing attempt[edit]

During October 2019, the forum had been vandalised by Josh (Super Moderator) in conjunction with Zesto/ZestoHot/Mafia/Mafia LT, and every thread was deleted on the board, it is unknown at present time the site may be recovered. This event coincidented with the deletion of many incel subreddits on Reddit. This was done in an attempt to hijack the userbase and migrate them to a website under his control.

Move from PHPbb to Xenforo[edit]

In late 2019, Lookism.net moved to Xenforo in an attempt to keep pase with competitors and provide a more familiar user experience.

Forum composition[edit]

Lookism.net was mostly known as a trolling board, one famous troll being a “virgin” below named “Orb”, who was from bodybuilding.com's misc board liked to fuck with the forum.


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