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A locationcel is someone whose living conditions are the primary cause of their inceldom. Such a person may be living with strict parents or roommates, a place that lacks transportation, or an area with an imbalanced sex ratio (incelville). A notable and well known locationcel was BrendioEEE.


The most obvious example of a pervasive presence of locationcels is the United Arab Emirates. When you count only those aged at traditional marriagable ages, such as vicenarians, you find roughly 4 males for every female. To make matters worse, these are mostly low-wage labourers who can barely get by, never mind pay women to go on dates with them. To top things off, these workers are mostly referred to as "expats" and have few rights and are separated from mainstream society by being placed mostly in primitive dwelling far from local population centers. They are then bused in during working hours to only to be bused back for when they go to sleep. Once their youthful vigor subsides, their employers terminate their visas and send them back to their countries of origin, which is usually in South Asia.

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