List of legal brothels

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Joachim Beuckelaer - Brothel, 1562

The following is a list of brothels legal to find legal consensual therapy. One can visit a brothel just to talk and not have sex, and many do. We have no association whatsoever with any of the places mentioned, nor do we make any money from this site. Incel stands for, "involuntary celibate", and is not a group, identity, or movement, but a life circumstance that applies to many (most?) existing brothel-goers. This page is functionally the same as Wikipedias List of brothels, and is intended to be used the same Wikimedia or Wikipedia writers have intended to use that Wikipedia page for years.

The following list is applicable for 2022.

Prices are based on haggling/negotiation with the prostitute. Don't accept a rate automatically if you are not satisfied with it and you can haggle it down. Some of Dennis Hof's former brothels, which we've purposefully left out, have been known to wildly overcharge, and therefore are unfriendly to poorcels.

Cheapest price[edit]

Prices are not fixed. This is not an explicit statement of prices, but rather gathered from past reviews on the now defunct The prices or price ranking may be outdated or otherwise very inaccurate, as we generally don't track these things closely. Elko in general is dramatically cheaper than other areas for some reason, in both the women available and surrounding amenities.

Elko, Nevada[edit]

Unknown price[edit]

Wells, Nevada[edit]

(Rates were found on the now defunct forum)

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