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This is a list of life and dating coaches. Being in this list does not necessarily mean that the individual has an association with incel people or this wiki, nor do these people have a business relationship with this wiki.

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Erika Davian[edit]

Erika Davian is a mindset and dating coach who worked an internship with the International Professional Surrogates Association. She has a certification in life coaching and holds an M.A. in education. She emphasizes her practice is coaching rather than therapy per se, and her practice is geared toward men. Workaholics, late bloomers, and others may find her practice helpful to achieve life goals or have an easier time dating.

International Professional Surrogates Association (IPSA)[edit]

Partner surrogacy involves intimacy practice and coaching. Over decades, many late bloomers and those in dead bedrooms have found partner surrogacy to be helpful.

The IPSA has a list of partner surrogates that are 'IPSA certified' and held to the ethical standards of the IPSA. After meeting with a talk therapist who works with the IPSA, you may be referred to a surrogate. Individual surrogates work to help patients overcome barriers related to intimacy. Examples of intimacy barriers the IPSA explicitly work through include: shyness, phobias, sexual trauma, erectile dysfunction, and other medical conditions. The practice occurs in a legal and professional setting.

Harris O'Malley aka Dr. NerdLove[edit]

Dr. Nerdlove is an Irish, red-bearded dating coach with a relatively feminist perspective on life and dating. He has a popular vlog and blog that are geared toward lonely or nerdy men looking for love and relationships. He appeared alongside Angela Nagle in a documentary about Gamergate and sexually frustrated young men, and has been featured in interviews with Arden Leigh and Kitfox Games.

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