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Screenshot from an incel person political party (incelparty.win) advocating for land
rights for peasants

The political left-wing is a vague term that has it's roots in those who supported the French Revolution of 1789. Supporters of that revolution wanted to topple the monarchy to achieve increased land rights for peasants,[1] lower food prices, and an end to an economic depression.[2]

The term, "left-wing", was coined to refer to those who sat on the left side of France's parliament and supported the revolution, as opposed to those on the right side of the parliament.[3]

Incels come from all sides of the political spectrum, including the right-wing, as incel is not an ideology.

Term development[edit]

The term has further developed to mean those who supported the USSR against the fascists, those who support modern social democrats over conservatives, and those who support neoliberals over conservatives. Virtually all leftist political parties are dramatically less socially conservative than older leftist parties. However, older left-anarchists were almost always socially liberal.

Some social conservatives such as Christopher Lasch, or Angela Nagle still self-identify as left-wing. They often defy classification on the modern left/right spectrum, or consider themselves centrists, populists, or religious more than any, "wing". Regardless, they are often cast out of, "leftist", circles due to their social traditionalism, which modern leftists see as counterproductive to their economic agenda (due to the constant collapse fantasies conservatives have) or just counterproductive in general.

How many incel people are leftists?[edit]

Data from Lyman Stonekey's Twitter analysis of GSS data suggested slightly more male celibates in the USA supported the Democratic Party as opposed the Republican Party, suggesting perhaps slightly more, "left-wing", incel people than, "right-wing", ones.

Leftist party loneliness[edit]

Left-wing parties and left-wing movements have experienced remarkable decline and weakening. Some argue it is because post-birth-control leftists deny the right of sex for all men, and even worse, ridicule and create incel people. Academic left-wing men sometimes think that the Marx and Marcuse they read will land them pussy, only later to discover their hard work has only resulted in them becoming a theorycel.


Many leftist men in political parties have been relegated to jerking off, or even worse... fucking each other.

Fake male feminists[edit]

Many male left-wingers often claim they are feminist. This, of course, is a lie:



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