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Kiwi Farms
Type: Forum
Founders: Joshua Moon (aka 'Null')
Frontend Admins: Joshua Moon
Server Admins: Joshua Moon
Writers: Autistic men and women
State: Active
Companies used:
Successors: None
Prior URLs:,,,,,
Alternate URLs:

Kiwi Farms is a forum comprised of incelphobic, self-loathing autists who have difficulty with sarcasm, love, shared humanity, humor, etc. This is most likely because they were bullied or molested growing up. Many members bully, stalk, and exploit the neurodivergent, particularly those who try to maintain a public online presence. The forum's philosophy is generally neoliberal with regards to incelibacy, unemployment etc. It was initially created to bully and document a “virgin with rage” cartoonist nicknamed Chris-chan.

The forum became well known after an administrator refused to hand over data which would have aided the country of New Zealand in investigating the largest violent domestic terror attack in its country's history.[1]

During September 2022, Kiwifarms suffered a major security compromise. The largest DDoS protection company in the world (Cloudflare) withdrew protection services they had provided Kiwifarms for years. Cloudflare's stated reason for this service withdrawal was the presence of illegal threats on Kiwifarms directed at activists trying to take Kiwifarms offline.[2] Now offline for over 11 days, with little hope for meaningful security infrastructure, 2022 marks the end of Kiwifarms as a readily available and accessible fixture of the internet.


Around 2009, a cartoonist named Christian Weston Chandler (self-nicknamed Chris/Chris-chan/CWC) gained notoriety on 4chan, due to a series of poorly drawn comic series he made. In the comics, Chris frequently admits to feeling anger about being involuntarily sexless, which Chris' critics found amusing. Chris' critics became further obsessed after they found a video blog featuring Chris. In the video blog, Chris expressed homophobia, religiosity, and general eccentricity.

Obsession with Chris turned into stalking. His stalkers enjoyed documenting Chris' tantrums after they harassed him for his perceived adult inadequacies. Chris-chan stalkers would string Chris-chan through fake romantic relationships, with the sole purpose of making him more sexually frustrated. Other harassment included tricking Chris into sending personal property by mail, so as to destroy his valued belongings on video.

The interactions between Chris and Chris' stalkers became so elaborate, that Chris' stalkers felt the need to set up a wiki. During 2010, the wiki was born, and was dedicated to detailing not just how the wikis authors were harassing Chris, but also every minutiae of Chris' life. in 2014

Later, during 2014, this wiki birthed a forum called Its most active subforum was about discussing Chris-chan. The forum had a smaller subforum dedicated to, "lolcows", or people other than Chris-chan they considered amusing to exploit.[3] eventually moved to a .ms domain, at The name Kiwifarms was chosen as a way to mock the way a person with a speech impediment had once tried to pronounce, "CWCki forums". then moved to, and later to

Transition to gossip board[edit]

In the beginning, Kiwifarms disproportionately targeted incels, TFLers, and love-shys. They had dozens of pages of threads on, r/truecels, r/incels, and the relevant founders and prominent users of each.

Incel forum users and incel vloggers who got their own Kiwifarms threads included: Icecat7, Todd Thundercock, Kent, Oreo Man, Nathan Daniel Larson, Bargh9, among many others. Kiwifarms' servers were also home to the longest biography ever made of the incel forum admin Caamib. This took place on one of their wikis, and seemingly hundreds of hours were put into compiling it.

As the Kiwifarms forum expanded membership, they attempted to present themselves with a softer image. Meaningful policies were also put into place that limited illegal activity on the forum. They started banning, "A-logging", which is Kiwifarms lingo for real-life harassment. They also expanded the scope of people they made threads about and turned the site into more of a general internet gossip board. However the board, was still self-admittedly exploitative of those they had threads about.

Today, Kiwifarms stalks almost anyone they saw as neurodivergent, attention starved, and goofy online. Certain neurodivergent people who met this criteria were omitted from having a stalking thread on Kiwifarms, such as Alex Jones. These types of exclusions were consciously done by the Kiwifarms userbase, and oftentimes due to sharing similar politics with the relevant, potential forum target.

Modern userbase[edit]

The forum is still comprised of self-loathing, incelphobic NEETs. And they still create threads doxxing, gravedancing, and mocking high-profile NEETs.

The userbase and staff has been criticized by virtually everyone for encouraging national-socialism, stalking, defamation, and cyber-bullying people to the point of suicide.

People kiwifarms does not like[edit]

  • Anyone who got famous via the internet and not through wageslavery
  • Transsexuals
  • Social deviants / activists
  • Social justice warriors
  • Transsexuals
  • Obese people
  • Disabled, i.e. autistic people
  • Transsexuals

People kiwifarms does like[edit]


Kiwifarms leans alt-right / fascist

Forum Makeup[edit]

The site was founded and for most of its life ran by a NEET, yet most of its targets are NEETs, resulting in NEET-on-NEET conflict. A lot of welfare recipients and poor people have a strong dislike of other poor people, perhaps explaining the phenomena of kiwifarms.

Anti-incel Thread[edit]

Over time, most criticism of involuntary singles was relegated to a single thread on r/incels and successor forums.

Average users of self-described incel forums are widespread throughout their anti-incel thread and regular KiwiFarms forum membership. And so the, "incelphobic thread", on kiwifarms is chock full of incel-on-incel violence. Incels often pretend to be incelphobics in the thread to air out a grudge against an individual or forum in the incelosphere. The apples don't fall far from the tree, however, as even founder of Kiwifarms was a NEET, celibate not-by-choice (at the time he founded it).

Kiwi Farms users are uniformly incelphobic, even if they are themselves a self-described incel. In contrast to r/IncelTears, they generally don't send woman-hating speech from incel forums to law enforcement worldwide. They also don't try to get incel sites shut down, preferring to bully people they find amusing so that they stay in the public sphere, but not so much that they go away altogether.

Once in a while, a prominent incel from a controversial incel board is revealed, in the incelphobic thread, but the revelations are sometimes hoaxes.

Other times, the revelations are accurate.

2022 drama[edit]

Starting September 2022, a Twitch streamer named Keffals and the founder of Kiwi Farms 'Josh' began a public spat, wherein Keffals took his website offline. Josh was mean toward Keffals and had a thread on his website that was also mean toward her.


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