Just-world fallacy

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The just-world fallacy is a cognitive bias wherein people think that the world naturally tends toward moral balance and justice. It is common to assume, even subconsciously, that people get what they karmically deserve (good things happen to good people, bad things happen to bad people). Of course, in practice, this is not true as a generalization.

Bluepillers often commit this fallacy by assuming that if someone is involuntarily celibate, they must deserve this fate, because they have a bad personality, are misogynistic, or are lazy. This ignores the fact that it is completely possible to be an upstanding moral citizen and have a good personality, but still not find a sexual or romantic partner. Likewise, it’s quite possible for someone to be sexually successful despite being an
awful human being.[citation NOT needed]

It is easier to blame unsuccessful people’s characters for their lot in life than to admit that you might only be successful because you won the genetic lottery, were born into a wealthy family, or were otherwise lucky.


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