Juliette Récamier

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Juliette Récamier was a French socialite and 40-year-old involuntary virgin who was publicly mocked for being so.

Juliette was a frequent recipient of romantic affection, widely known for her good looks and pleasant personality.[1][2] Thus, her condition of celibacy seemed paradoxical, and a number of people publicly questioned why Juliette remained celibate for so long.


The French doctor Augustin Cabanès publicly opined that Juliette might have suffered from vaginismus or a structural abnormality of the vagina which prevented sex.[3]

Blanche Dumas incident[edit]

Blanche Dumas, a French prostitute with 3 legs, 4 breasts and 2 vaginas[4] once notably called Juliette an, "involuntary virgin", verbatim.[5]

A sonnet was written about Juliette Récamier's condition of involuntary virginity. It mocks Juliette's celibacy with her lover at the time: Rene.

Juliette and Rene loved each other with such tender love that God, without punishing them, was able to forgive them: He did not want one to be able to give what the other [Juliette] could not take.

—Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine, page 304[6]

"Paternal marriage"[edit]

The Library of Congress speculates that Juliette remained chaste because she was likely married to her father for a large portion of her adult life. Allegedly, her father married her to pass on family wealth during The Terror.[7] However, it is not fully confirmed this man was her father.

Loss of virginity[edit]

Juliette likely lost her virginity at age 40 to a 50-year lover and author named, "Chateaubriand".[8]


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