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Jestermaxx (or Jestermaxxing) is the act of using excessive humor to get a date. Jestermaxxing can be exaggerated to the point of bodily harm (like falling down on purpose in order to get attention, cutting yourself, throwing food). But the word mostly means using humor as a stepping stone to gain romantic attention.

Implications & Success[edit]

It is believed that Jestermaxxing is another form of disingenuous begging, and can cause mental distress to those whom practice it. Jestermaxxing can be used successfully if applied with a consistent amount of persistence.

A study by Dune E. Lundy found that humor was a desirable long-term-partner trait in men by women, but only if the man was good looking.[1] Another study found self-deprecating humor by high-status presenters (but not low-status presenters) increased long-term attractiveness for both sexes.[2]




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