Jake Davison

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Jake Davison
Name: Davison, Jake
Birth: Unknown
Death: August 12, 2021
Job: Apprentice for Babcock International defence firm
Ethnicity: White

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Jake Davison (alias Professor Waffles, 1999-2021) was an involuntary virgin (aka incel), genetic-determinist, blackpill vlogger, bodybuilder, and blackpill forum user from a poverty stricken and unhealthy city in the UK. Jake was reported to have engaged in a spree shooting where he murdered his mom and three strangers (including a young child), before killing himself. Jake also non-fatally injured 2 other strangers to him.[1]

Without a manifesto it's hard to state what exactly could have driven Jake to the lengths he was accused of. Several life coaches and pick-up-artists[2][3][4][5][6] posited a likely guess that the radical defeatism and cult-like nature of the blackpill community may have indirectly pushed Jake to violence and/or suicide. Three months before Jake killed himself, Jake stated he felt a goal of the blackpill community was to convince incels they "deserve to be exterminated", and in the same post Jake stated that blackpillers made him feel very bad about himself.[7]

Youtube connections and activity

Jake called himself Professor Waffle on Youtube. This was likely inspired by the name of his favorite Youtuber Wheat Waffles.

Wheat waffles is a much more successful genetic determinist Youtube vlogger from the UK. He told his followers that if they are ugly they have, 'inferior genes'. Wheat Waffles further states that most-to-all ugly men will get sexually and romantically rejected, and that instead of blaming women, they should blame themselves.[8]

The Blackpill [means]: I accept my defeat and hopelessness, I accept responsibility, it is because of MY inferior genes that I get rejected, women are NOT to blame. They are only making the most rational and logical decision available to them

—Wheat Waffles February 8th 2021

One of Jake's few Youtube videos was a short video game clip complaining about 'subhumans', which Jake labeled, "#blackpilled", in the title.[9]

Most of Jake's videos were fitness oriented, and the rest were commentaries on other Youtubers, a rant about his resignation from life, and a rant about missing out on 'teen love'. His YouTube channel promoted the blackpill philosophy, and before his killing he said he had, "consumed the blackpill overdose".[10]


Few to none of Jake's stated beliefs are really that controversial inside conservative and right-wing circles. Especially considering evolutionary psychology, biological determinism, and anti-immigration are common beliefs in those circles.

Most of Jake's talking points about sex/mating were just reiterating evolutionary psychology talking points on mating. It's hard to draw a line from his beliefs to his violent actions, considering how many people have shared his beliefs for so long. Beliefs Jake had included:

  • Women are biologically determined to care more about looks than other traits[11]
  • Very dumb men cannot become male models
  • Women have to be more selective than men (editor comment: even if it's true women are this way by nature, this type of argument is often a naturalistic fallacy)
  • Female stupidity drives female lookism
  • The incels.is forum is 'cringe' because it "doesn't really delve into the blackpill", and that the blackpill Youtubers Wheat Waffles, Eggman, "Saint Hamudi", and Oreo Man are better
  • The political 'left' are treated as if they 'can do no wrong'
  • There is a child molestation epidemic in the UK and no one is doing anything about it (editor comment: he said this opinion in front of an American flag on Youtube despite living in the UK, so it's no exactly clear how much of these types of videos were acts)
  • The media incites mass shootings through sensationalism
  • Anti-gun people are 'filth'
  • The left and 'globalists' want to destroy society through letting in 'low IQ' people, Islamic terrorists, and African gangs'[12]

On the blackpill

While Jake promoted the blackpill, ran a blackpill Youtube channel, and routinely defended the largest blackpill Youtubers based on them being 'blackpilled', Jake was a conflicted man. Jake would change his mind for briefs periods of time and once acknowledged that the blackpill was also "toxic negative bullshit".[13] Regardless of his inner-most thoughts on the matter of the blackpill, it's clear he was a promoter of the ideology and that the ideology took him and others from life itself.

The attack

August 12th 2021 at about 18:11 BST is when Jake Davison is reported to have murdered his mom before going on to kill 4 more people, injured 2 and ultimately killed himself.

The alleged attack was notable as it was the only attack allegedly perpetrated by someone from a self-identified incel forum (r/UglyUncensored), and was the largest alleged spree shooting in the UK in over a decade.[14] The attack also led to debates over the merits of gun permits to the neurodivergent. Local UK counterterrorism police declined to classify the attack as legally defined terrorism.[15] However, at least one UK official said that if similar attacks occurred again in the UK they may be classified as terrorism.


Soon after the attack occurred it was revealed that Davison had been using Reddit. The chief constable of Devon and Cornwall Police, Shaun Sawyer said that the attack was a domestic violence dispute that, "spilled into the streets".[16]

The media coverage of the event was mostly superficial. While the media acknowledged Jake subscribed to the blackpill philosophy, they didn't seem to do much research on the political or Social Darwinist aspects of that philosophy and Jake's postings. Nor did the media do any serious investigations into Jake's relevant Youtube subscriptions or Reddit postings. However they did note that Jake was a huge Donald Trump fan and a fan of American right-wing politics, even to the point of Jake pretending he was a Republican from Arizona in his online postings.

The media also didn't do any serious investigations into Jake's relevant Youtube subscriptions or Reddit postings.

Rat-like behaviour from blackpill and blackpill-adjacent people

It's accurate to label blackpillers and sympathizers as rats (or, alternatively, cockroaches) as they behave so much like those furry creatures. Soon after the attack, blackpill-adjacent people downplayed the attack, tried to give off a false impression that Jake did not subscribe to the blackpill philosophy,[17] and tried to give the false impression that the blackpill philosophy helps people.[18]

Forum activity

On Reddit Jake was a participant of the r/UglyUncensored subreddit,[19] (a blackpill and incel subreddit), among others

Reddit account names

A lot of Jake's opinions can be found in Reddit archives and archive.org backups of his Youtube videos. Jake's two Reddit accounts were reported to be

  • professorwaffle3


  • Jake3572

Quotes by Jake

Look what they have done to Ben Shapiro because almost none of them can go toe to toe with him in a debate or dispute any of his points they joke and laugh at him call him a squeaky short jew guy its pathetic quite frankly basically proves lookism/blackpill

—Jake Davison

Quotes about Jake

This situation [of incel Jake] blames entirely on women. There is a complete absence of awareness [by Jake] of any broader socio-economic context. Plymouth, Jake's hometown, has higher than average levels of poverty and deprivation. Life expectancy, even before the pandemic, was the lowest of any area in the south west.

—Julie Hyland writing for wsws.org[20]


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