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An Ugly Forum, The forum of the ugly, The house of the ugly, and The forum of incel (aka unbruttoforum, Ilforumdeibrutti, La Casa del Brutto, and ilforumdegliincel) are Italian incel sites using Zetaboards, easyfreeforum, and "Forumfree" free forum hosting. They all have roots in a now defunct blog called Un Brutto Blog.



Un Brutto Blog was started in 2007. In reaction to this blog, unbruttoforum is created on the easyfreeforum platform.

Not long afterward, in April 2009, easyforumfree closes and takes unbruttoforum with it. Unbruttoforum is recreated on the Forumfree forum hosting sites. The founder hands off adminship to ugly38.


Ugly38 is uninterested in the forum, and in 2013 begins filling up with misogyny, racism, bullying, and blasphemy

In 2014, the creator of the forum returns and announces he is a 40 year old virgin, but not angry. During this time there is no misogyny and women are allowed to post. A user named Scarabocchio decides to create Ilforumdeibrutti on Forumfree, which is much more civilized

Eventually women cause people to be unhappy with the forum, but admins double down and keep women on. The forum becomes unruly. People who don't like the women set up shop on zetaboards with the old name Forum dei Brutti. Scarabocchio is reminded he has a forum in 2015 and sees it's full of toxic posts and deletes all of it impulsively in fear of legal reprucussions.

Later someone named Anakin manages to restore Ilforumdeibrutti on Forumfree, and the Zetaboard and Forumfree users poke fun at each other.

People tired of Anakin but prefer ForumFree to Zetaboards start a separate forum, named "unbruttoforum" again, from scratch on ForumFree

In 2018, Zetaboard is purchased by Tapatalk and the Zetaboard forum completely changes interface, becoming practically useless.

Wizard, one of the three admins of the forum, creates the first independent Italian incel forum, called La Casa del Brutto, at the domain,, which lasts two years before closing.

In 2019 another split from Anakin's Ilforumdeibrutti occurs, due to the sudden ban and mistreatement of the Global Moderator George McFly by the hand of Anakin, and Il Forum degli Incel is created.

In 2020, Il Forum degli Incel undergoes another splitting due to the presence of women.[1]

Glossary of Italian manospherian incel sites[edit]

  • BV: Brutto Vero, literally means "truly ugly". An English equivalent word is: truecel
  • co: Cessa obesa, a fat ugly woman (literally mean an 'obese toilet bowl')
  • d*nnna, Italian word for donna, which means woman.
  • Brutto: An ugly person
  • np: literally non-persons, it refers to women so it is the equivalent of foid
  • Tommy: A sexually successful person. An English equivalent word is: Chad

other vocabulary[edit]

  • Agato: A person suffering male androgenetic alopecia
  • Mid: A term referring to midface length, a measure which some think should be low to guarantee a good midface ratio
  • Middone: A person with a long midface, the typical mouthbreather face that has a bad midface ratio
  • Middino: A person with a short midface
  • Normaloide: A pejorative for neurotypical, middle-income, sexually successful, all-around average person. English equivalents are: 'normals' (1960s epithet), 'normans' (modern epithet), and normie (an r9k popularized epithet)
  • MDF: morto di figa: A weak man who allegedly caters to women too much. It's etimology comes from an analogy with starving or morto di fame
  • Sotto il 7 non e' vita: Means "If you are below a 7 on the decile scale, you don't have a life"
  • Retruso: person with a recessed mandible


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