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Infamy aka negative status is something a lot of incels compete for. Basically, 'who is the longest virgin, who is the most obnoxious, who is the most degenerate, who went the longest without female attention, who says the most disgusting shit, who is the ugliest' etc.

Why do incels and NEETs do this?[edit]

Respectable status is sort of out of the question or out-of-reach for many incels and NEETs. Thus the only way to get noticed by women or society for many men is through doing the complete opposite of what normies do and reach for negative status. To use a metaphor, because many incels can't successfully traverse the barrier of societal expectations, they try to dig a hole underneath it to the other side. Hopefully with attention and/or women on the other side.

A few incels responded to media requests to negative-statusmaxx and found the entire process thoroughly humiliating, degrading, and not worth it, even if it provided female attention. Negative-statusmaxxing is thus only easy for psychopathcels.

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