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Type: subreddit
Founders: Unknown
Frontend Admins: multiple
Server Admins: Unknown
Writers: Unknown
State: banned (on March 11, 2021)
Companies used: Unknown
Predecessors: Unknown
Successors: None
Prior URLs: Unknown
Alternate URLs: Unknown
URL: www.reddit.com/r/IncelsWithoutHate

r/IncelsWithoutHate was a whitepilled and purplepilled subreddit dedicated to inceldom-related discussions that were supposed to be devoid of hateful speech, misogyny, or ideology in general. In reality, they allowed pill jargon and by doing so just became an extension of traditionalist politics.

The subreddit was the largest community in the incelosphere, consisting of a subscriber base that was numerically into the 5 digits. Its content covered a wide variety of topics. Some threads asked for advice regarding inceldom or depression. There was also general “blackpill” demotivational content. Some users presented studies related to virginity or sexual attraction. Even though it was technically the largest incel forum for years, (particularly in 2020) it received little media attention compared to other forums such as incels.co and the now defunct Braincels.

One of the two original editors of this site and incel people dot wiki was notably a heavy user of this subreddit.

The subreddit was banned on 11 March 2021 by Reddit for breaking it's rule against hatred.



The userbase as of 2020 consisted mainly of “blackpill” proponents. Since the major blackpill boards were banned from Reddit, hateful blackpillers started taking up shop in this “withouthate” sub, often posting veiled anti-racemixing posts and other vaguely alt-right content. They are usually unwelcome though, and are frequently banned, even though they still manage to raid and concern troll most threads. Often highly upvoted posts will be flooded with blackpill trolls, in a weird juxtaposition to the upvote count of the thread itself, suggesting the blackpillers are a loud majority there.

There are currently around 25,000 subscribers to r/IncelsWithoutHate as of 2020.[1]

Current Admin and mods[edit]

As of 2020:

  • Board_Gaming (moderator) (former Braincels mod)
  • L_Henry_Wotton (moderator)
  • wolfwood989 (moderator)
  • ihpsdm (moderator)
  • chessman6500 (moderator) (yourenotalone.co user)


2017 screenshot

Incelswithouthate was created on Apr 9, 2017. It's first moderators were:

  • L_Henry_Wotton
  • wolfwood989
  • animositisomina35
  • ihpsdm

New moderatorship[edit]

After the Braincels quarantine (not ban), Board_Gaming, a female Reddit user left Braincels. Eventually she started modding IncelsWithoutHate.

Linking to “incel exit” threads[edit]

In 2020, the sub began linking r/IncelExit in the sidebar, a subreddit devoted to “exiting” from the “incel mindset”.[2] They also link to depression management and self-improvement subs.[3]


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