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Type: Forum
Founders: Cernan
Frontend Admins: Cernan, Jim Ferer, Captain Bandaid, Trillian, Bella Freeman
Server Admins: Unknown
Writers: Young and grown adults
State: Closed
Companies used:
Predecessors:, incel Support on Invisionfree
Successors: Involuntary Celibacy Acceptance and Management,
Prior URLs:
Alternate URLs: none
URL: (2006-2008) was Cernan's incel forum: a gender-inclusive and relaxing place that came after the owner shut down the bulletin board during early 2006.

After a severe family house fire, Cernan left, resulting in a partial leadership vacuum. During the vacuum, a successful coup was completed by an autistic male and a female who were bothered by emerging debates about whether incel was a genetic disorder. They took the stance that incel was not primarily genetic.


Bella Freeman described the forum as advocating for self-improvement, and to an extreme (in her mind dangerous) degree. Those who advocated against self-improvement were deemed 'negative'.


One of the female admins, Bella Freeman, began suggesting to three other members: "Wild Man", "Lonely Cyclops", and "Volkulja", that incel may be primarily genetic.

She suggested that, therefore, long-term incel people should try, 'grief management', and accept incel, rather than try to self-improve to get a date. The three members she relayed this to all saw their incel as a temporary affair brought about by mental illness. Wild Man and Lonely Cyclops both had autism. Volkulja, a female, had a long list of mental diagnoses. They were offended by Bella's talk of incel being primarily genetic and unchangeable for long-term sufferers.[1]

At one point, this argument came to a boil, and Bella shut down the forum because she couldn't contain the argument by herself and was waiting for other admins to intervene. Volkulja and Wild Man then staged a successful coup on the adminship team.[2] It perhaps helped them that the main admin, Cernan, was MIA.

After shut down, Bella created her own short-lived forum called Involuntary Celibacy Acceptance and Management, while those opposed to her moved to


Someone who calls himself "Jim Ferer" claims to be a former administrator of the site.[3] He stated that he thought most incel people both were unininterested in solving their situation, and that most chronically lonely people will stay so.

Pre-coup admins[edit]

Post-coup admins[edit]

  • Wild man
  • Volkulja

Admin style[edit]

They claimed to have not made an effort to recruit members, and members came to them instead.[6]

Because IncelSupport was feminist and wouldn't allow for misogyny, they would strictly moderate and consistently ban members who promoted it. One of the MOST notable things IncelSupport did was create “The Deadly Sins of Involuntary Celibacy”. In retrospect, the unintended consequence of this was that banning misogynistic posters helped rid it from IncelSupport but it didn't actually fix the misogyny from these posters. Many of these banned members would migrate to, which was a rival community.

Interview with a former admin of the forum[edit]

Notable members[edit]

  • Shrecken
  • Solitaire
  • Theo
  • Totally Alienated
  • Leon
  • A
  • Santiago
  • Spunkee
  • Mike
  • Ello
  • Invisible man
  • Albedo
  • Lori
  • Zephyr
  • Phineas
  • Nine
  • Emily
  • wordsfailme
  • AggieDan04
  • LoneWolfette
  • Lacuna
  • Hickoryridge
  • Robinson
  • Mentat
  • Tantalus
  • Kid Sampson
  • FoolsLeaveTooSoon
  • Barry Egan
  • Dead Hand Sober
  • Sogwa
  • INFP type
  • link
  • Leporello
  • Fenix


It ended with 55,322 posts and 2,206 threads, and 5963 members[7] after which it redirected to

In March 2008, redirected to

Life after death[edit]

Despite being offline for almost a decade, the domain has been renewed yearly by a business under the name, "Involuntary Celibacy Support", registered in British Columbia, Canada.


This suggests the owner may have misgivings over completely abandoning his project. Or he may simply want to keep the domain around for nostalgic purposes.

The renewal of the domain seems unusual as Cernan has not been seen in incel spaces for a very long time, but many hope he comes back.


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