Incels: En kartläggning av diskursen på forumet

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En kartläggning av diskursen på forumet or A survey of the discourse on the forum is an academic paper on incels for Uppsala Universitet in Sweden written by Rebecca Karlén.

We appreciate she consulted the wiki a lot, however the paper was just a cursory and sensational explanation of terminology, and not a thoughtful, intelligent, or honest engagement with the subject matter.

The paper also fails to review the citations from this wiki, thinking we invented concepts like the dual mating strategy when that theory is verbatim from academia, not us.[1].

On masculinity[edit]

In the paper it says:

Delicate masculinity seems to play a major role in how the movement has been created and is growing. Many members do not feel secure in their masculinity leading to the expression of aggression. This can probably also contribute to the strong female hatred that often expresses itself on the side because one. Part of hegemonic masculinity is to reject the feminine.

While this is true for some incels, a better way to explain this would be that there is a split between masculinist and non-masculinist incels. For masculinist incels, a departure from hegemonic masculinity is a bad thing, and there may be some projected self-loathing. For non-masculinist incels, they do not feel bad personally departing from hegemonic masculinity and their hatred, if they harbor any at all, instead comes from women not liking feminine men.

(Reminder to insert the images of feminine-cels threatening suicide because women hate that they look feminine)

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