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Type: Forum
Founders: Vcelguy
Frontend Admins: Vcelguy
Server Admins: Vcelguy
Writers: Teenage and young adult men
State: Active
Companies used: REG.RU, Cloudflare
Predecessors: r/incels
Successors: None
Prior URLs: None
Alternate URLs:
URL: is one of two surviving r/incels ban evasions which emerged directly after the Battle of Incelistan. It was created in late 2017 as a PHPbb backup board to r/incels by Vcelguy.

A previous existed in 2016, owned by a separate, and unknown, person as shown in an April 2016 Webarchive. Apparently it used CentOS or RHEL OS.[1] It is unknown who owned the domain at that time, but the 2017+ version was and is administered by Vcelguy. generally ranks the highest on Google out of all the incel forums.

Rivalry with[edit]

The domain '' had been abuse reported briefly after Sergeantincel from first purchased the domain, taking the domain away from Sergeantincel. Sergeantincel considered the domain stolen when Vcelguy managed to purchase the domain after it got dropped from Sergeantincel's registrar.

The rivalry wasn't just due to domains however. Both Master and Sergeantincel from complained that Vcelguy was making his own forum seperate from at all. Vcelguy accused Serge of being too new to the r/incels community to start a forum, and both Serge and Master accused Vcelguy of trying to start an "incel civil war". Serge complained that was "legally stolen" from him by Vcelguy.

The other forum that split from r/incels was People on accuse of running crypto mining software on site user's computer, which doesn't seem accurate at least in 2022. They also accuse vcelguy of being Russian and married, which may not be accurate.[2] People from accuse of being entitled to the 'incel' name and making up accusations of domain theft. It is not known which side is correct about their list of accusations of each other.

Both may be somewhat right about certain things tbh.

In 2020, the admin of, Vcelguy, had accused (now of illegally DDoSing their forum.[3] He had also placed layer 7 DDoS CAPTCHA protection on and off on his forum for years.


Move to Xenforo[edit]

During its period of inactivity, one of its only active users was Lordoftheincels, who was trying to make the forum normie friendly.

After years of almost no activity, changed forum software from PHPbb to Xenforo, after which they experienced a major spike in traffic and active members. Today, they serve somewhat as refugee camp from those who left or were banned from, although this is not always the case.

User move to[edit]

Sometime in August–September 2020, the dominant users of got upset at some banning sprees that Vcelguy made, and then set up shop at


In early 2021, shared an IP space with sites associated with or hosted by the US based, website hosting company Vanwatech. For example, it shared an IP space with[4]


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