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Type: Messaging spam ('SPIM') using bulletin board software
Founders: Diego J. Galante,
Lamarcus Small[1]
Frontend Admins: Diego J. Galante (2017-2021, resigned)
Lamarcus Small (2017-now)
i_a_m_i (unknown-2022)
Fatlink (2021-now)
Server Admins: Diego J. Galante (2017-2021, resigned)
Lamarcus Small (2017-now)
Writers: Teenagers and young adult men
State: Active
Companies used: Cloudflare,
Predecessors: r/truecels
Prior URLs:,
Alternate URLs:,
URL: (formerly r/incels,,, and is a public, incel SPIM website[note 1] founded in late 2017. The forum developed a negative reputation for allowing posts condoning pedophilia,[2] while at the same time swiftly banning users for advocating feminism. The users are generally male supremacist and share an appreciation of Japanese children's cartoons. A majority of forum users polled in 2021 reported being adult age (84%)[3] and particularly sexually attracted to minors (56%).[4]

The site was founded by an Elliot Rodger fan[5][6] named Diego J. Galante,[7] the son of a prominent, Uruguayan law academic. During December 2021, Diego and his co-founder Lamarcus Small[8] pretended to hand off to two alleged neo-nazis, with Lamarcus staying and Diego perhaps leaving entirely.[9] WBUR and other news organizations reported in the months that followed that a criminal investigation was launched against Diego and a suicide encouragement forum him and Lamarcus founded.[10][11][note 2] On May 1st 2022, Lamarcus stopped pretending to have left as the main server and frontend administrator. is unique because of users who try to passively goad each other into committing mass murder, often behind a veil of irony.[12][13][14][15][16][17][18][19][20][note 3] A significant amount of users have promoted rape as a "solution" to incel,[21] and/or publicly expressed a desire to legalize rape.[22] Over three quarters of total historical posts on were authored by only 400 accounts.[23]


The New York Times reported in 2017 that' predecessor forum: r/incels advocated violence with the purpose of incitement to crime and was banned from Reddit for that reason.[24][25][note 4]

In response to the banning, Diego J. Galante aka SergeantIncel, a new user of r/incels and the founder of r/incelbrotherhood, moved many r/incels users to, his first self-hosted incel forum.[note 5]

Diego was in direct contact with the last main administrator of r/incels, azavii,[26] at this time and made him moderator on his first domain[27] At least two other incel forum competitors born from r/incels ruins emerged around at this time: and

Diego spammed the URL on r/incels and other subreddits, and quickly gained around 271 initial members on its first day of November 8th, 2017. Almost immediately afterward, was stripped from Diego by the relevant domain registrar, and the owner of a rival forum: Vcelguy found a way to snag it on the open market afterward.

Diego ('Serge') and Vcelguy arguing over who should own the domain[28][29]

Vcelguy thought that Diego was too new to r/incels and saw him as an untrustworthy actor as a result. Vcelguy had redirect to starting in mid-December of 2017, where it still redirects to this day. During 2017, Vcelguy also set up a pinned thread exposing Serge's legal name and face. (His identity was kind of public info even back then)

Further domain name changes

Diego received an email from an African American linux server administrator named Lamarcus (alias Master) offering to help with the quickly increasing technical difficulties of running an activist targeted site. Diego then brought on Lamarcus as the second in command. Diego and Lamarcus were now using the domain Both Diego and Lamarcus were angry that Vcelguy had taken the domain after they tried to use it, repeatedly accusing Vcelguy of "legal theft", and trying to "spark an incel person civil war". Later, Diego and Lamarcus' accusations toward Vcelguy became less plausible, such as suggesting Vcelguy's forum had crypto mining software running on it when it did not.

During 13 days, and as of November 20th 2017, had amassed 1,673 registrations and 143 daily active users (funnily enough, about the same amount of daily active users it currently has in 2022).[30]

Later, had it's domain name stripped from them by the .me domain registry, due to a lack of a good faith attempt by the admins to remove advocacy of violent crime, according to the domain registry itself.[31][note 6][note 7]

During the .me domain debacle, admins responded with their own press release stating they had tried their best to remove such posts, but there was not much evidence they made any significant effort. With r/incels banned from Reddit for violence promotion, the "Master" insinuated in a podcast he felt little reason to conform to Reddit's non-violence rules while already on a separate site.[note 8]

With the domain gone, admins then changed their domain name to, then to for SEO reasons. Around the time a domain registrar named Epik terminated service of their domain,[32] a separate domain registrar named Njalla took offline. admins proceeded to change the forum domain name back to

After 2019, and after got involved in "countering extremism" organizations, has been known to hide violence advocacy in places not visible to the public, such as in user signatures or private subforums. partners with US Department of Homeland Security funded NGO: Light upon Light

During 2019, the founder, Diego, started mingling with Light Upon Light associated projects. Light Upon Light is a US based NGO which purports to raise money, including from the US Department of Homeland Security,[33] to utilize former radicals in a quest to rid the world of all hate and extremism.

Diego's associations with Light Upon Light projects had turned into a full-blown, Shapeshifter position in Light Upon Light's organization during the beginning of 2021. This was shown on Light Upon Light's shapeshifter page the first half of 2021, showing, Diego as "Alexander Ash", and with his avatar advertising his fourm.

With the approval of Diego, multiple forum accounts[note 9] were involved with Light Upon Light. During this time, the violent posts (but not necessarily the toxicity, radical defeatism, male bullying, or extreme traditionalist politics) became less frequent.

Throughout 2021, Diego and various users would dump out-of-place content on, often in raw, uncommented form. This included: a Document Journal article featuring Jesse Morton, an unlisted YouTube video of Diego being interviewed by Light Upon Light, user polls, and cash prize offers for users taking polls. Diego also pinned uncharacteristic blog posts on the forum from his blog named, which still features a piece written by a former Task Force 134 member and former ICSVE research assistant Ken Reidy[34][35] and a piece by a Light Upon Light podcaster: Naama Katz.[36][37] These blog posts were unpopular with the userbase and 'SergeantIncel' locked the blog threads after he posted them. All of Diego's posts on were deleted after the NYTimes exposed his identity.

During 2020-2021, threads critical of Light Upon Light or associated individuals were often deleted by administrators, usually because the users were complaining about the forum working with Light Upon Light. Users complained to the point of self-banning from the forum in droves at the height of the drama (March-April 2021).

During mid-2021 Diego was stripped of his Light Upon Light shapeshifter position, with no public explanation, a few months before a New York Times expose of Diego. Diego was also removed as an author of Homeland Security Today Magazine articles during this time.[38][39]

After Diego allegedly left and Fatlink came into power in late 2021, Fatlink signaled an alleged end to the association with Light Upon Light, by insulting people associated with Light Upon Light. However, at least one moderator as of 2022 still seems sympathetic to Light Upon Light associated individuals.

Naama Katz' podcast

Main article: Naama Katz

At least 16 former or current users appeared on an iTunes/Spotify podcast by a person working under the wing of Light Upon Light, named Naama Katz. From 2019-2021, these interviews comprised around 70% of her interview subjects and nearly all her incel interview subjects, even when (much) larger incel forums existed like r/IncelsWithoutHate. Her podcast almost exclusively took a position of defending and its members she brought on her show. Her podcast was essentially an elaborate advertisement for the forum.

Naama's podcast featured Light Upon Light associates from a then Light Upon Light sister org named CSTR. Not long ago, CSTR completely distanced themselves from Light Upon Light by removing all mentions of Light Upon Light from their website.

Naama Katz promotes defeatism and extreme negativity on her Twitter.[40]

Suicide encouragement and death cult accusations

Before 2022, the site contained a significant amount of encouragement to suicide, including users linking to a site also founded and run by Sergeantincel:

Alleged user suicides


According to deleted (but publicly archived) threads, a highly active user named 'thebuddhacel' died on SanctionedSuicide.[41]


Another user named IengZengCel (now shows as "Deleted User"), allegedly died using a bizarre chemical suicide method commonly advertised on and SanctionedSuicide (sodium nitrite ingestion).[42]

Mr Kittycel

Another user self-nicknamed Mr. Kittycel allegedly died by sodium nitrite ingestion.[43]

Forum moderator admits to SanctionedSuicide crossover

In late 2021, users of wrote a letter to the head of US federal law enforcement saying the were "familiar with many members" of the SanctionedSuicide site, which primarily facilitated suicide encouragement.

Former user Todd Thundercock made a YouTube video called. is a honeypot with an agenda to make you want to die. LEAVE. Naama Kates is cool, though.,[44] calling a death cult. In it, he said Diego once relayed was part of a "trifecta" of forums that funnel people to SanctionedSuicide. Incel forum users VanSavage and Zesto made similar accusations, albeit interspering their accusations with less credible claims.[45][46]

Diocel and other forum users encouraging suicide and directing users to SanctionedSuicide and accounts were cross-pollinated with SanctionedSuicide accounts. Accounts from would link suicide instructions, including Sodium Nitrite instructions, to forum users, in order to encourage people on and to kill themselves. Diocel (known on some forums as 'Jokie') seems to have been the most prolific account that did this, but others accounts that did this included nystagmuscel, Snowstormhigh, genetically_over, simply_over, Leblid, theREALbleachcel, RoBobaFett999, and jefferson, among others.[47][48][49][50][51][52][53][54][55]

The user 'simply_over' peddling a meat preservative commonly advertised on SanctionedSuicide as a suicide agent, and directing users to SanctionedSuicide
The account Jefferson on the Looksmax forum (a forum also founded/run by Galante/Small) directing a publicly self-described 15 year old to the suicide encouragement website.[56]

After a New York Times expose on Diego, Lamarcus, and SanctionedSuicide, Diocel seemed distraught and requested in public for his account and posts to be deleted from In early 2022, 50,000+ posts of his were deleted by an admin and he kept posting.

Pedophilia and ephebophilia

The userbase has always included countless proud, open, self-admitted pedophiles and ephebophiles, who use the forum to propagandize and call critics, "agecucks".[57]

A current moderator of named Robtical is an advocate for rewarding men who rape minors.[58] He was previously part of the staff of Nathan Larson's forum, where his avatar was a minor in a trash can.[59]

A majority of the 2022 userbase thought sexualization of minors was important for their incel forum, calling critics of this opinion, "cucks".[60] Not long after the NYTimes expose of the operators, the operators and moderators enacted a rule banning public sexualization of minors. After immediate backlash from the users, the rule was revised during March 2022 to only include no public sexualization of pre-pubescent minors by the adult users.

In the months that follow, users of begin to take full advantage of this rule change allow the sexualization of minors, and started calling for legalization of teen/adult sex,[61] and started making fun of anti-ephebophiles.[62][63]. staff approves of user harassing the family of a 17-year old who died by murder staff encouraged users taking advantage of this new rule to sexualize minors.

For example, on June 20th, 2022, an user wrote an open letter to the family of a teen girl named Riley Whitelaw, who was murdered by a 28 year old man. In the open letter he details his rape fantasy of their dead child. In response to the story, all the users in the relevant thread cheer. An staff member then calls the harassment "cool".[64] staff 'PPEcel' saying it's 'extremely cool' that a forum user is sexualizing a dead 17 year old and harassing her family[65]

That same day, two users state that 17 year old Riley 'should have been raped', and user TheDarkEnigma says that he would have permanently crippled Riley for life if given the chance.[66]

On September 23rd 2022, the rule about sexualization of minors was changed again to do not sexualize minors in any way, shape, or form.[67] This rule change came shortly after the Center for Countering Digital Hate came out with a report publicizing the full names of the operators and mentioned that was, at the time they authored the report, creating an allowance in their rules for the public sexualization of teenage minors.[68] mods immediately began warring over the new rule, with 2 mods: Robtical aka 'OrdinaryUser' (a former Nathan Larson forum administrator) and ThePhrophetMuscle arguing against the new rule. Screens posted on suggest Robtical and other mods are waiting for things to "calm down" before reinstating users banned under the new "don't sexualize minors" rule.[69] After a few weeks, even the most troublesome users were reinstated to, albeit with their forum usernames changed. For example, Hoodedn1inja20 became BlackPilledOverdose.

Minor aged users

After his name was exposed in a news story, one of the founders proposed removing members under the age of 18.[70] Teenagers have been allowed and present on the forum since founding.. A few months later, the forum closed registrations to any further teenagers, but let current ones stay

Publicized forum users or lurkers

Anwar Said Driouich

Anwar Said Driouich

A man in the UK named Anwar Said Driouich, upset about his lack of success with women, was caught making bombs by UK police. It was found through his computer that a day before his arrest he had accessed and read a thread entitled “Could be another ER coming up soon”. This was understood to have been a reference to Rodgers’ attack.[71]

Pedro Francisco Smith ('Anondump')

Pedro Smith user Anondump, once got in the news for robbing a bank. The news reports contained Anondump's full real name: Pedro Francisco Smith.[72] This same Pedro Francisco Smith published a video with the name, “Men are entitled to sex”. The face in this video matches with mugshots of Pedro Francisco Smith, as well as the selfie posted by anondump on In the video, he admitted to being Anondump explicitly, admitted to running, stated he was an, "incel", stated he supported rape, wanted patriarchy "restored" and women, "stripped of their rights". He made a political endorsement for Nathan Larson in the video. He also expressed he was not concerned with his private/personal details being public because he had, "nothing to lose".[73]

At some point, Pedro was banned from

According to Pedro, the police visited a residency he was absent from and Pedro pondered if he'd be extradited to his former residency.[74][75] According to an incel person forum criticism board, this occurred after he had talked about a bombing and had bought chemicals.[76]

Diego J. Galante ('Serge') and Lamarcus Small ('Master/Marquis')

Diego Joaquín Galante[77] alias (Serge[78]/SergeantIncel/Alexander Ash[79][80]/Eth[81]/Aleph[80]/Rince/asterisk[82]/redxblood[83]/Cerberus[84]/Ankh) is the creator and founder of r/incelbrotherhood and He was also the co-founder and co-administrator of He also created the indie videogame Chickenman Fighter Simulator, the online chat services Kitmood and Rainychat, and many other websites/forums.

Lamarcus Small,[85] alias (MasterOfAshes/Mast3r-/Master/Marquis/Randy Thompson/Javix) is the co-founder, co-administrator, and main server administrator of, as well as a former dubstep artist and IT worker. He co-founded many other websites and forums with Diego.

Front page The New York Times
article on Diego and Lamarcus' sites, "Where the Despairing Learn Ways to Die", December 9th 2021

During late 2021, Gabriel Dance and Megan Twohey authored a 33-page, front page[86] New York Times article called, "Where the Despairing Learn Ways to Die", which identified the founder of, "Sergeantincel", as Diego Joaquín Galante. The same article exposed the backend administrator, security guy, part-time financier, and current overall operator, "Master/Marquis", as Lamarcus Small.[87] The journalists stated that the identities and names were discovered using domain registrar leak data spanning years. The data included phone numbers, credit card info, payment invoices and troves of personal data. Journalists cold-called both founders and publicly published the call in a podcast. Lamarcus and Diego's voices in the publicized phone call are the same voices contained in many podcasts featuring them, and incel forum users recognized their voices as 'Master'/'Serge' after the call was publicly published as well.

The journalists found Diego was a 30-year-old son of a prominent academic lawyer in the capitol of Uruguay. Both Galantes are reportedly living together in an elegant apartment building. During early 2021, Sergeantincel implied he would begin intervening on mildly suicidal people on his incel forum on the basis of concern for human life. However, the New York Times reported he was hiding the visibility of user accounts of dead people on his board, as well as telling still-living users to hide their contact info from forum lurkers.

After the first NYTimes expose, Diego and Lamarcus' identity, city-location, and background were subsequently republished in dozens of other outlets. After this happened, Lamarcus claimed to hand the incel related sites to a white nationalist named, Rassisten/Infinity, however this most likely was a lie. He likely either was Infinity or shared an account with someone else using that account. 6 months later, Lamarcus announced a 'return' as administrator.

Lamarcus had initially reached out to Diego offering his skills as a linux system administrator. He proceeded to become in charge of purchasing some of the domains according to leaked Epik data, as well as taking turns paying for the server, according to old Reddit posts.

Megan and Gabriel noted Lamarcus claimed he was not behind the SanctionedSuicide site, appeared to deny his mother's identity, and tried to pin the sites on his brother.[88] However, the journalists concluded in the piece Lamarcus was indeed behind the sites, and was attempting more misdirection. The article tied Diego and Lamarcus' suicide facilitation forum to over 500 possible deaths, with 46 deaths individually confirmed by the Times. News outlets reported that Diego[89] and the matter of the first NYTimes story are currently under an indefinite government investigation opened by a prosecutor in Uruguay[90] and under watch by INTERPOL.[91][92][93][94] 7 members of congress petitioned the head of the DOJ to investigate and prosecute both Lamarcus and Diego.[95]

Nathan Larson ('Leucosticte')

Nathan Larson

Nathan Larson was allowed to post heinous, but legal, content on during 2018–2019, for a period longer than pretty much any other site would allow. Larson claims Diego J. Galante helped advertise Larson's site Incelocalypse (and "other sites") at one point.

During my own time as a refugee, Serge extended the hand of mercy and comfort by giving me a place to stay, from late May into early December, after my sites had been shut down and I was struggling to bring them back up. He allowed a thread about Incelocalypse's status to be pinned so that refugees from that site could be aware of what was going on. He also quietly extended his hospitality for other sites of mine to be advertised, until there came a point where he saw that since I was working with Zesto on building this site and others, I didn't need him anymore. And so, like the mother hen who nudges her offspring out of the nest for their own good, he sent me on my way as well. "My path now is to build upon Serge's succcsses by achieving the final triumph of the incelosphere, going beyond a more limited and vague whitepill to promote and put into practice a clearly-defined レイプpill. But I would be remiss if at this moment I did not acknowledge our benefactor who gave us solace and a place where we could find companionship and encouragement in our time of need."

—--Nathan Larson (from public forum post)[96]

At some point Diego and Nathan had a falling out, perhaps because of Larson working with the Diego-critic Zesto during 2019. One of Larson's last public messages to Diego was accusing Diego of being a Jew and bringing up gas chambers, while retweeting Diego from his 'AlexanderAsh' account.[97]

During December 2020, Larson was arrested in Denver, Colorado after a cross-agency investigation allegedly found evidence that he was digitally grooming and attempting to transport a 12-year-old girl across state lines with the alleged ultimate view of engaging in sexual intercourse with the girl in question.[98]

After the arrest, the @incelsco Twitter account noted Nathan was banned from their forum but explained he was allowed on the forum despite not being an incel, because of being, in their words, "blackpilled".

First relayed to the public by a close friend of Larson, Nathan Larson died on Sunday, September 18th 2022, while imprisoned.[99] In this post, his friend linked what he claims is Larson's "manifesto", a written document mailed by Larson to him, dated March 2022. In the document, Larson states he tried to get arrested.[note 10] Video submitted to Youtube by Fresno police suggest that Larson initially entered incarceration in good health. In this video, Larson is seen as walking normally and without help across a large distance.

Nathan died at Promise Hospital of Phoenix in Mesa, AZ, after being transferred by Judge Jennifer Thurston to FCI Stafford federal prison[100] from the intensive care unit at Fresno Community Hospital, a hospital he was at since June 12th, 2022.[101] Thurston seemed to imply that the care he received at Fresno Community Hospital was "inadequate", but it's unknown why he was transferred, or even why he got 'emaciated', as a court document implies, in the first place (no documents mentions he had COVID). Due to his unexplained death, Larson was not convicted on any of his latest charges. Federal prosecutors ultimately dismissed the charges against Nathan.[102] The website for the Maricopa County Medical Examiner lists Nathan Larson as dead (if you search him by the case number 2022-09737).

Tres Genco ('Oedipus')

Tres Genco

A man named Tres Genco was arrested for allegedly planning to shoot up women in a sorority. A DOJ report said that Tres was aiming to kill 3,000 people and wanted to attend military training.[103]

Users of publicly connected the identity of Tres Genco to a former user of named “Oedipus”, whose language in an old post (here) matches an unnamed forum quote in the DOJ report on Tres Genco here.

During 2022, Tres pleaded guilty and faces life in prison.

FrailPaleStaleMale ('The Enforcer')

"FrailPaleStaleMale", "Frail", or "Voice from the UK", was an user from the UK who appeared in the BBC documentary "Inside the Secret World of Incels". He was a guest and recurring topic on Naama Kates' podcast. He is publicly rumored to have kidnapped someone at some point,[104] and self-described as a "hopeless addict druggiecel".[105]

Frail is a friend of Lamarcus. For example, he once called Lamarcus when Lamarcus wound in up in hospital from a type 2 diabetes coma.

During 2022, Lamarcus Small made him a forum moderator of Frail's moderator pseudonym on is, "The Enforcer".


"Catfishman", from, in a documentary

Catfishman was an r/incels and user who also appeared in the the BBC3 documentary on 2019 incel forum users. Catfishman's name is self-descriptive. He was known for catfishing women on dates, shaming the women, all while videotaping the encounters, before uploading them to He has a criminal record involving domestic violence and cyberstalking.

Catfishman was banned from shortly before the airing of the BBC3 documentary. However, he was a long-term user of the forum, and was there since founding.

Common themes of the forum

19% of respondents on a thread on proposed legalized rape as the solution to incel in a thread, 17% supported male genocide, and 41% supported re-instituting patriarchy in a May 2018 thread[106]
  • “Worshipping” the serial killer Elliot Rodger
  • Making fun of non-masculine men
  • Banning all women and admitted LGBTQ people
  • Telling each other to rape women
  • Telling each other to kill themselves
  • Telling each other to go on spree killings
  • Denying the existence of women with vaginismus, medical conditions etc., while allowing male standardcels in their chat as long as they are “blackpillers

Female poster

A newer ad for the forum made by Diego J. Galante

On February 22, 2018, a user by the name of Chewbacca posted a ban request in the incel discussion thread. In it, Chewbacca stated that she was female this whole time and got away with posting. Her picture, which was shown, fooled many people into thinking she was an ugly man.

Ban appeals

The Ban Appeal section of the site is enjoyed by many users as a source of drama or curious encounters between recently banned users and moderators. The mod who issued the last warning which triggered a permanent ban is the one who has the call on whether to give a second chance to the user in question or not. There is a megathread in the Meta section where regular users can discuss the ban of others.


Numerous cliques have formed on in the past including Ritalin Defense Force.

An older ad for the forum

Media barrage of 2018

After the Alek Minassian van attack in Toronto, the mainstream media went on a campaign against incel forums, and specifically against Despite the fact that Alek Minassian only referenced 4chan, there is no evidence he used, and the admins have stated that to their knowledge he did not use the site.

Alleged DDoSing

In 2020, the admin of, Vcelguy, had accused (now of illegally DDoSing their forum.[107] also placed layer 7 DDoS CAPTCHA protection on and off on his forum for years.

Later, Alexander's forum expressed discontent with material being linked from similarly minded members of masculinist splinter forums, which “Serge” probably hopes will be painted as more radical than his, when they are ideologically the same as Members of and even his own forum members began accusing Serge of duplicity in his on/off forum actions, and said this through countless forum threads in mid-2021. This continued for almost three days, until someone linked a rival, but similar, site,, multiple times on his site during the height of the drama. After Sergeantincel and others on expressed great dissatisfaction with the unfolding events,, a primary competitor was hit with a massive, illegal Layer 7 DDoS which they solved with forcing CAPTCHAs on the forum.[108] Members of the forum thought Sergeantincel or others high up in were directly involved in DDoSs attack on in 2020 and 2021,[109][110] and signaled they saved the logs however, direct evidence at that point was still mostly circumstantial.

Regardless, Sergeantincel never pushed back against the series of DDoS attacks if it was not him, not lending much credence to his free speech posturing, never mind the fact he bans leftists, all sexually successful people who make it known, women, and any group that would provide counter-narratives to defeatism in his forum.

Hidden mods and admins

The forum has hidden moderators and administrators. This began after the New York Times expose of the site founders, when they took down their uncurated, automatically populated online user list on the footer of the main page of the site and replaced it with a curated, autopopulated list of online staff on the top, right-hand corner of the site. Other incel websites followed suit.

The presence of hidden staff on was made evident when an invisible admin deleted the main frontend administrators account in early 2022 during a staff dispute.

During late 2021 and early 2022, all admins and mods prior to December 2021 claim to have left or banned. It's not known the extent to which this is true. During May 2022, Lamarcus stated on his forum that he returned as server and frontend administrator.

Media coverage

The media has occasionally been criticized for directing people to extremist incel forums by drawing more attention to them.[111] However, for most journalists, the forum provided a lot of material with which to drive a small amount of internet obsessives crazy with false notions of impending societal collapse.

Other activities

Unlike most non-niche incel forums, historical and modern, bans all women and LGBTQ people.

Users of have also been known to cyberbully various, young posters.


  1. It’s technically a forum but the replies are so short and low quality it is essentially a chatroom full of “post-maxxers” and teenagers. For example, countless threads are often comprised of replies that are just 1-2 words long.
  2. one of which was reportedly comprised primarily by mentally ill young adults
  3. Users told each other to commit mass murder, as of 2018-2020, by using the phrase, “Go ER”, over and over. “Go ER”, references Elliot Rodger, and those who posted it intended it to mean "be like the serial killer Elliot Rodger and shoot random people out of anger"
  4. "Reddit has banned […] men who blame women for their involuntary celibacy and sometimes advocate rape, [/r/incels] as part of a new crackdown on forums that glorify and incite violence." -- New York Times
  5. It is a common misconception that "Sergeantincel" or "Master" were mods or admins of r/incels, they weren't
  6. The admins seemed to have no prior difficulty in swiftly removing posts involving feminism, female posters, or LGBTQ politics though.
  7. "Upon inspecting forum for policy violations on October 15th, the .ME Registry determined that the content that encouraged acts of violence and hate speech still appeared on the forum. Having witnessed this disregard of not only .ME Registry’s policies and suspension warnings, but also of forum’s policies the domain registrant formulated themselves, the .ME Registry suspended the domain and decided that it would remain suspended" domain registrar
  8. Users moving back to large incel forums on Reddit was still possible at this time (2018).
  9. Including the forum account Unsaveable, and possibly the account Diocel
  10. in the manifesto publicly posted by fukurou on September 24th 2022, Larson states he "tried and succeeded to get arrested by authorities, including coordinating with the girl to bring about the highest likelihood of arrest, including choosing a method of transportation that would be the most easily trackable by authorities" paraphrased. In this publicly available manifesto posted by Fukurou to in September 2022, Nathan also lists 2022 moderator Robtical as a general "supporter". It is unknown what Nathan means by "supporter"


  36. See banner image
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