Incelosphere rifts

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Incelosphere rifts refer to disagreements or squabbles within the incelosphere between its various frequenters. Examples of these among cybercels include:

  • whitecel vs ethnicel: ethnicels often accuse whitecels of having it easy due to JBW theory.
  • oldcel vs youngcel: oldcels sometimes claim youngcels are not fully confirmed as involuntary celibate, since they may outgrow incelibacy or ascend.
  • femcel vs malecel: malecels claim female incel is a myth due to juggernaut law
  • truecel vs nearcel: truecels accuse nearcels of being fakecels
  • mentalcels vs uglycels: uglycels accuse mentalcels of being personalitist oriented or purplepilled and not blackpilled.
  • shortcels call tallcels fakecels; tallcels in turn get mad at shortcels
  • fatalist determinism (“just LDAR bro”) vs non-fatalist determinism (belief in absence of free will, but remain optimistic for sanity and to ascend)
  • Those who oppose minorphiliacs/hephebophiles i.e. korephiles, hebos (hebephiles), ephebos (ephebophiles) from being on incel boards or talking about such things vs. those who disagree
  • Stormfront-cels vs nonstormfront-cels
  • Pacifists vs Beta upriser people
  • social engineering vs. biological essentialism within the context of female sexual preference toward betas
  • sadistic suicidal incel people vs. incel people who want to help people like them
  • patriarchalcels vs. non-patriarchal anti-feminists
  • Fans of Reddit vs. people who hate the site
  • Forum admins vs software mods vs server mods, the terms of forum adminship.
  • Incels dot wiki vs, since William was from the former after creating and writing most of both
  • vs, jealousy of domain TLDs
  • incelmatics vs Naama Kates’s podcast (incel-inhouse vs incel-outhouse content)

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