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Incelophilia is a primary or exclusive sexual attraction to incels. Incelophilia often takes the form of abuse.

Because it is often not known if someone is an incel, incelophilia may also simply mean attraction towards anyone socially awkward, ugly, disfigured, disabled, neurodivergent and/or poor.

Devoteeism is a form of incelophilia.

What Types of People are Incel Groupies?[edit]

Chad ends an incelophilic fantasy

Are you a perpetual incel? Here's the types of women who will ever fuck you:

  1. Edgelord weebs
  2. Gamer-girl students who are younger than you
  3. Bisexual women with love/sex addiction on amphetamines (taken voluntarily)
  4. Female-to-Male trannies with borderline personality disorder either pre-or-during transition (gay men in women's bodies, although good luck with pairbonding)
  5. Feminist turbo-sluts
  6. Cluster-B personalities

or some combination thereof

Male-to-female trannies don't count, they'll fuck anything. These types of women are more rare than you think. Don't chase them, it won't work, they have to be chasing you.

Reasons Why People are Incel Groupies[edit]

  1. Because they're mentally ill
  2. Because they are genuinely attracted to weird-looking or socially awkward men
  3. Because they feel bad for incels and want to give them a chance
  4. Because they are virgins themselves and want a partner with a similar level of experience
  5. Because they like 4chan culture, anime, and other generally nerdy things and incels share their interests
  6. Because they have a fetish for anti-feminism or being slut-shamed
  7. Because they think incels are an easy target to abuse and manipulate

True "Groupie" Stories[edit]



Once upon a time there was BPD female in Incelistan who was really horny for incels named 'sol'. She put out hints about this on Incelistan. She seemed too young so William asked her to provide photo ID, and she was 18. William hooked her up with Master, one of the co-owners in a private incel chat room, as Master lived near her. The "groupie" went on at length everyday about her fantasies about being dominated by a misogynist in a Discord chat room. She was very turned on by Master's name. Master and the "groupie" chatted everyday for weeks, but Master became suicidal when it looked like the relationship might not work out. William told the groupie to go away or follow up on her cockteasing. Master in a chat the next day sent a pic of his face for the first time to the groupie and the groupie said she was coming down with the stomach flu. She never returned, and William then banned her from every forum she was on.


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