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The inceldom flag is meant to represent involuntary celibate people. In order to forge a group identity, some incelists and ardent members of the incelosphere have attempted to create an incel flag in order to forge a group identity and to increase the visibility of nearcels, truecels and incels within wider society. However, none of the proposed flags have thus far gained any significant traction.

r/TransgenderIncels currently uses the incel flag as a background image on their forum. Some incelibates describe the flag as "incel pride flag" in an attempt to incorporate LGBT culture into the incelosphere's subulture.


The white bar at the center represents functional members of society (normies or Chads who are effective at courtship and dating). The various shades of grey denote the inceldom spectrum with each outward vertical bar representing an escalating degree of the incel status. The darkest shades of grey represents the ultimate incels, truecels; the lightest shades represent the barely-incel incels, nearcels.

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