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Incelcore was a 2020 musical reiteration of 2012 4chan culture.

Today, in 2022, Incelcore is a Soundcloud music genre tag that encompasses mutiple music genres and themes which go beyond the origin of the term “Incelcore”. A majority of followers of the genre are national-socialists or other white-nationalists, and this was evident to onlookers of their music festival: Virginfest 2021, which was described as 'incel grifting' and alt-right normalizing.

Common themes[edit]

Common lyric or song title themes include: suicide, unemployment, LDAR, tendies, wageslavery, misogyny, worship of women, sadness, and anxiety. Most of the music can be described as punk rock. However, the artists encompass other genres such as "wave", "hyperpop", hip hop,[1] and alternative rock.[2]

The incelosphere at large generally has no interest in, or knowledge of, incelcore.



The genre was initially born from a song which obsessed over the political implications of a 10-year-old Michael Cera movie.[3]

The purpose of the genre has changed since then to incorporate more social justice for the homeless, (by giving food and shelter to the local homeless etc. through local Catholic church cooperatives). While the genre was technically founded by a man named, "Negative XP", the genre has expanded to people other than Asians. Although, NegativeXP still manages a microgenre of incelcore under the name “MKULTRA support group”.

MKULTRA Support Group[edit]

"MKULTRA Support Group" (abbreviated "MSG") resides on on Bandcamp and their own external site. They've come out with four compilation albums, featuring their own songs. This particular collective includes:

  • Negative XP
  • Belowground
  • Cameron Phlodge
  • Fedze
  • Fried By Fluoride
  • Greens On Toast
  • Hallowed
  • Hard Christ
  • Kiki
  • Sodaboy64
  • Spree
  • Steakfry
  • XO_willow
  • werewolf hair
  • UhOhSlater
  • 13th Century Cowboy
  • Crustsox
  • DΣD
  • With love, Mom
  • Lovely Little World
  • NEET

"Incelcore" word origin[edit]

There was a debate among incelcore artists about whether to be called “bedroom punk” or “incelcore”, and this led to lots of infighting in the scene.

This argument inspired songs such as “Fuck Bedroom Punk” by UhOhSlater,[4] “Rent Free” by Fried By Fluoride (feat. Cameron Phlodge), “Fuck Incelcore” by Gay Loser, “Incel Punks Fuck Off” by Sad Boyz Online, and “Everyone else is fighting about living rent free and I’m here hating myself.” by Belowground.

Twitter scene[edit]

Some of the artists self-identify with the incelcore label. They also cover each other sometimes.

Various Twitterers have created ranked lists of artists they consider incelcore. Even if an artist self-identifies as, “incelcore”, they might not actually be incel or consider themeselves such.


Prominent music critic, “Anthony Fantano”, of, “The Needle Drop”, wrote a scathing criticism of incelcore on Twitter, saying:

I’m wondering what kind of rut you need to be stuck in to be recording lo-fi incel rock songs that are all just Wavves ripoffs and upload them to soundcloud

—Anthony Fantano

This upset the incelcore scene, and Negative XP, for example, responded with a track called, “You Shouldn’t be Allowed to Listen to Music if you Watch the Needledrop”.[5]

Musicians/Bands described as “incelcore”[edit]


  1. "I almost died" disputes incelcore status


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