Incelcon 2021

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Incelcon 2021

Incelcon 2021 was an event that took place on January 9th. The participates included First, Kenneth The Golden Child, and Albert Pak.

Albert spearheaded this event with an intent to resurrect "incelcon". A yearly event which takes places in different parts of the globe.

Incelcon 2021 is often referred to as TJ-Maxx or simply TJ to highlight that the event took place in Tijuana, Mexico. This was the most crucial and necessary incelcon, as viewed by many people in the Incelosphere


  • Wednesday:
Most of the day was spent in San Diego. We walked for a while around Mission Bay Park. Most exercise I have had in a while. We crossed back in the evening and drove to Rosarito. Spoke with Marco Antonio. Cool Uber driver who spoke fluent English.
  • Thursday:
What an eventful day! We had lobster in Puerto Nuevo, trespassed to see the Christ of Sacred Hearts statue up close, and survived our first military checkpoint. Kenneth banged a street girl, a 41-year-old bar girl at Adelita’s, and almost got a date with a bar girl working at Hong Kong.
  • Friday:
I got sick & spent most of the day in bed. Had a great steak dinner with Kenneth at Palomino’s Steakhouse and First was able to reunite with a girl he met Monday.


There have been a few organized, "Incelcons", before, most notably the Incelcon 2015, organized by, and Incelcon 2019, organized by Icecat7.


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