Incelcon 2020 - Inceltine's Day Dinner

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Inceltine's Day Dinner was a wholesome event that occurred on Valentine's Day 2020. In the days prior to the holiday, flyers were found on the UC Santa Cruz campus advertising a meetup for incels on February 14 at the local Denny's.[1][2][3] The flyers featured an image of Blackops2cel and The Joker, and appeared to have been typeset in the widely derided font Comic Sans, possibly indicating satirical intent. Posts on the r/UCSC subreddit speculated about the nature of the event and who might be organizing it.

When Valentine's Day came, and all the normies were going out on dates with their significant others, a few lonely souls decided to go to the Denny's event for some companionship. At least 17 "incels" showed up, and group photos were shared on the r/santacruz and r/UCSD subreddits,[4] which got cross-posted to r/IncelTears, r/shortcels, and r/justneckbeardthings. According to a Twitter user who dropped in on the event, the attendees all ordered chicken tendies and the cheers were "Rise up".[5]

It is suspected that some, if not most, of the attendees were not actually incels, but were just going along with it for ironic meme value. Many reddit comments argued that they were too cute or normal-looking to be involuntarily celibate due to their looks. One redditor claimed to have recognized members of the college Republicans at the meeting, to which another user responded "No, those guys were probably busy with their girlfriends", which was met by "Press X to doubt".[6] The previously mentioned Twitter user said "The three organizers are friends, and brought some friends, and some people just came because of the sign."

In some photos, a few attendees can be seen flashing the "OK" hand sign, which 4chan memed into being seen as a symbol of white supremacy. Since almost half of the "incels" were visible ethnic minorities, including one of the guys making the "OK" gesture, it seems likely that it was just done as a meme, or in its original positive meaning.

The meetup occurred one month before the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting bans on gatherings became widespread in the United States, which was lucky timing.

Long-term significance[edit]

The main lasting influence of the meetup is the final group photo. The image has been used to portray incels as just average- or good-looking guys, even though it is unclear how many of the attendees were actually involuntarily celibate or members of online incel communities. In one version of this meme, the Inceltine's group photo is juxtaposed with an alleged photo of an IncelTears meetup (consisting of overweight white women with colored hair, almost too perfectly matching the SJW stereotype).[7]


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