Incel accelerationism

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Incel accelerationism, otherwise known as incelerationism, is the common and modern practice of increasing the number of self-identified (or plain) incels to an extreme, to serve a political goal. It is a common thing that feminists and the MSM do, perhaps unconsciously, or just as a collective. The possible theorized outcomes of incel acclerationism vary wildly, but include:

  1. Incels forming an actual movement or group, leading to incels being easier to pigeonhole and vilify
  2. Frustrate incels to the point of hyper-conservative politicians being elected and “putting women in their place”. Aka Angela Nagle and Jordan Petersons “feminism as crying out for protection/order theory”, similar to the “feminism as shit-test theory”
  3. To have more craazzyy things to screenshot and make fun of

A Modern Occurrence[edit]

Incel accelerationism is happening right now. The media collectively increased the number of users on incels forums almost ten-fold in the span of one year. This would not have occurred without the media.

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