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Type: Wiki
Frontend Admins: William,
Teschio (missing),
Narthex (resigned),
TheBreeze2 (self-banned 2020),
TurkIncel (banned)
Server Admins:
Writers: William
Galton II,
Andrew (it.incelwiki),
Teschio (missing),
Doug (missing),
Narthex (resigned 2021),
TheBreeze2 (self-banned 2020),
TurkIncel (banned 2021)
State: semi-active
Companies used to access: Enom, Eranet, Cloudflare, Verisign, Public Interest Registry, + others
Predecessor sites:
AB Wiki, Wiki, Redpilltalk Wiki,,
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URL: is owned and written by those who originally created and wrote ( was hijacked by an inactive server/domain owner). This wiki uses 100% CC licensed and original material geared towards our Mission Statement.

The purpose of this wiki is to focus on incels while treating incel as a life circumstance and not a group/ideology/etc.

Incel Wiki is and always has been non-profit. Anything that looks like an ad we don’t receive money or other kickbacks for. We don’t profit or make money off this site at all, and it’s just a labor of love.

We disavow and, and all other sites on that server.

History of the incel wikis[edit]

Here is the chronology of the incel wikis, from oldest to newest. Later wikis usually substantially borrow from earlier wikis in the list.

  • Absolute Beginner Wiki (2014) (German, read-only, online)
  • Wiki (2014) (offline, webarchived)
  • Wiki (2015) (offline, webarchived)
  • (2017) (offline, webarchived)
  • (May 2018) (not created by,, or this wiki, not webarchived)
  • (June 2018) (later
  • (August 2018)
  • (November 2018) (still active 'blackpill' fork)
  • Virgin vs Chad Wiki (June 2019)
  • (later (2020)
  • (this wiki) (not affiliated with previous, but a continuation of .info/.com) (2022)   ←   “You are here!”

Detailed Timeline[edit]


In early 2018, we were in daily edit wars on the Wikipedia Incel Article, trying to make it less sensationalist and more accurate. Some of us were eventually banned from Wikipedia for doing so. “Master” from saw the arguments we were having, and wanted to setup a Mediawiki installation for other incels to use. Many weeks passed and no wiki was installed, so we asked him to finish installing it.

We tried to recruit editors from the forum to the wiki, however this tactic failed, and the wiki was decided to be a project independent from The URL then changed to For virtually the entire history of the wiki, the editors have come from outside of And so at no point was any wiki an wiki, and therefore no incel wikis are currently offshoots of[1]

TheBreeze started out editing as an anon IP editor. TheBreeze added most of the funny wordplay and was one of the most, if not the most, creative and funny writers ever to grace our wiki. Jet112 ("Jet") joined as the third original wiki member. James FT then joined of his own volition and without being recruited, as the fourth and last original wiki member. Jet added a lot of useful information about the TFL and incel vloggers. James FT didn't contribute much but added a few funny pages to the wiki.


Altmark22 came into .wiki after reading the Asperger syndrome article and enjoying it. Later, he invited Bibipi in from /r/BlakpillScience.


In early 2020, “Sergeantincel” was insistent on keeping an editor on that we did not approve of. Eventually we deleted the Scientific Blackpill page because we were anti-blackpill and were banned from .wiki entirely as a result.[2][3]

TheBreeze helps out during the beginning of, but voluntarily bows out in order to, “looksmax”.

Altmark22 was installed as co-admin on both .wiki and .com, partly due to his knowledge and viewpoint on the subject, and also because it facilitated a truce as far as not raiding each others wikis, as both wikis were ok with him as admin. However, he resigned from this wiki in mid-2021.

ChadThunderBot, Teschio, and Tomato came in as new wiki writers onto .com. Chadthunderbot was banned relatively quickly, and most of his writing subsequently removed.

Tomato added articles about incel meetups, mating signals, and romantic celibacy.

Proofreader was made admin of German and Spanish Incel Wiki. Proofreader wrote most of the German Wiki, and performed some spelling corrections on the English Wiki, as well is helping on template issues.

Teschio, an Italian, was made admin of Italian Incel Wiki, and he wrote most of it.

Jet112, the third original wiki author, was made admin of the English and Hebrew incel wikis. He proceeded to write all the Hebrew Incel Wiki.


Someone from Belarus designs the .com watercolor 'heart' image, now used in a 50px50px icon version across all wikis accessed via desktop

James FT helps redesign the front page of the English IncelWiki.

Our wiki passes double the visitor engagement of the largest self-described incel forum in Mid 2021 according to Alexa rankings.

Our 4 year old Discord chat gets voluntarily shut down for a self-hosted IRC server.

.wiki moves their domain from Porkbun to Clouflare. A day afterward, in September, the owner of this site (at .com) was targeted by people associated with a domain registrar hack.

We shut down our IRC service and move back to Discord

Money conflicts with a domain reseller we move to in interim prompt us to worry we may lose the .com domain, or not be able to afford it. was subsequently hacked (and rooted lol) in late September or early October through an obscure Wordpress site Jet made. The only entity to have known about this site was the domain reseller, but we don't know who hacked us. This event combined with domain uncertainty prompts the server owner to shut down the wiki until early 2022, scraping text and images off the database so as not to reuse anything potentially infected.

We sort out money issues with domain reseller, and move off his service, getting full control of the .com domain again and renew it for a few years, but keep both .org and .com offline until 2022

Altmark22 politely resigns as co-admin of during an admin dispute involving interest in scientific abstracts and graphs.

All .com wiki chatrooms get voluntarily shut down while the site is moved to a new server, in favor of general discussion chats.


In mid January, our site comes back online as, after being offline for 3 months. .com now redirects to .org. We start using an offshore server not owned by any non-anonymous people, so the site doesn't shut down if non-anonymous admins or writers are attacked again.

Limerencel effectively leaves the incel wikis and creates his own websites, such as and

Jet112 joins and leaves a high paying tech job

Galton II joins .org IncelWiki and adds pages about SRI drugs and PSSD

Someone from Indonesia creates a new heart image for the .org domain, current displayed on the main splash page:


In short this wiki emerged as a continuation of, a predecessor domain to

Third parties agree with the assessment of the situation.[4]

This site initally used a backup of mostly (2018) material, and non-CC licensed material (dozens of pages and hundreds of revisions) was manually removed as most editors released on a CC license.

Therefore this wiki is fully legal as it uses CC material and original material. We then built on this legal CC backup with a bunch more original material to match the scope of existing wikis. Yes, more original material!

The German version of was launched on August 25, 2020 at, the first foreign language incel wiki.


This wiki rejects pill jargon framing because it is an unhelpful and inaccurate framing of the world. We believe there is such a thing harsh truths that most don’t know about, and consider ourselves sexual realists, but the current pill jargon framing is too rooted in reactionary culture-warrior types at this point.

This wiki especially rejects internet ideologies which are sociopathic or inaccurate.

For example, we reject personalitist-exclusive beliefs, blackpill, redpill, purplepill, and other “pills”.

List of editors at[edit]

Proofreader is main editor and Platinjunge is minor editor of

Article counts[edit]

As of January 24, 2022 there are:
144 German articles
1,509 English articles
37 Spanish articles
73 Italian articles
56 Turkish articles

1,819 articles en total
1,343 articles[5]


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