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IncelSupport (2006-2013) refers to three sequential forums explicitly named, "IncelSupport", the first two of which were founded by Cernan, a former member of

IncelSupport was born after the owner (Lee) decided that the bulletin board was not doing much to improve its users lives, and became a "pity party".

Contrary to some commentary these were not "Alana" forums, as Alana was not on any of these forums, or even on the prior community, and her 1997 community was orders of magnitude times smaller than these forums. However these "incelsupport" forums were arguably spiritual derivatives of Alana's initial forum, (to the extent that is a derivative of Some IncelSupport communities could be categorized as not deserving to be lumped together, at times due to splinters and at least one hostile takeover. And so it does not make sense to refer to these communities as one singular community. However, they are listed in this page together simply for the sake of organization, and to highlight a missing part of the history of the incelosphere (2006-2013).

The three forums[edit]

The three IncelSupport forums were:

  1. invisionfree/ipbfree Incel Support (October 2006 - May 2006)
  2. (2006 - 2008)
  3. (2008 - 2013)

In total, the forums lasted 8 years. Cernan, the founder of the first two, was ultimately ousted from the third forum at myonlineplace, which eventually died in a server crash. This crash unfortunately destroyed all forum data, and no backups were known to exist afterward. Afterwards, the community temporarily relocated to[1] However, this interim site didn't gain enough traction and the entire community ultimately cyber-died. (as all do at some point)

Forum content[edit]

All forums were personalitist forums dedicated to both malecels and femcels. They released a documentary, which is partially lost called, "The Incel Project".

Lurkers used to outnumber actual posters. There was roughly an equal amount of active male and female users. It's members sometimes held meet-ups in Maryland, with a total of at least 5 meet-ups.[2][3]

Forum timeline[edit]

IncelSupport had four major eras of its lifetime: the early-mid 2006 forum, the .org era, the myonlineplace era, and the yourenotalone era.

Forum #1: Invisionfree and Ipbfree Incel Support[edit] was under construction from May to October 2006, during which it redirected to two different domains, The first was, which it redirected to starting in May 2006.

Forum #2:[edit]

Main article:

In October 2006, the temporary domains redirected back to, the first proper domain name for the forums.

After a severe family house fire, Cernan left, resulting in a partial leadership vacuum. During the vacuum, a war started between those who believed incel was genetic and hard to 'cure' vs those who thought incel was related to simple self-improvement techniques. The latter camp made a successful coup of the forum, and was led by two IncelSupport users: Wild Man and Volkulja. The former camp was led by Bella, who eventually created her own short-lived forum called Involuntary Celibacy Acceptance and Management,[4] while other moved from to instead.

Forum #3: Myonlineplace Incel Support[edit]

This forum was rumored to be started by WildMan or someone associated with him, and was administrated by someone named Kaycee. began during the US Housing crisis, during March 2008.

This was the most active domain of all the IncelSupport forums derived from Alana's listserv. They retained some subforum names had, but the database appears to be pruned or completely different (most likely the latter).

Cernan was banned from this iteration of IncelSupport. This iteration was likely dominated by the coup leader of the coup: Wild Man, as well as his friends Lonely Cyclops, and Volkulja.

Revival atttempt[edit]

A temporary board for refugees was founded at, but it wasn't the same atmosphere as before. In 2014, interest was lost in the temporary board and efforts in fixing IncelSupport were eventually abandoned. The temporary board was abandoned too. Both forums are gone now.

IncelSupport’s “7 deadly sins”[edit]

  1. Apathy.
  2. Excuses and justification.
  3. Overanalysis.
  4. Naivete.
  5. Fear.
  6. Rage.
  7. Shame.


The IncelSupport forum gave the following reasons for Involuntary Celibacy:

  • Geographic isolation
  • Social Isolation
  • Work-related Stress
  • Economic Hardship
  • Discouragement from Past Experiences
  • Unconscious Repetition of Childhood Patterns
  • Unresolved Family Issues
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Physical Illnesses
  • Primacy Incels (this means everything is okay in life except, for some reason, sex and relationships)

Based on the research of Dr. Donnelly, they basically included anyone who would self-identify with being Incel and this meant that they’d include women, non-virgins, and even people who had children but were in a sexless marriage, etc. (Mentioning this to contrast to how many incels nowadays would reject these people as “normies”).

Philosophical differences with[edit]

Over the course of almost a decade, the general trend of these two main incel support communities was that one became more feminist while one became more MRA. According to posts on r9k from 2013:[5]

  • “There is incelsupport, which I used to post on, but it’s heavily moderated and overly PC, so 4chan types would hate it. There is the love-shy board - they basically seem like /r9k/ misogynists on steroids. That's about it, really.”
  • “wizardchan - overmoderated, slow, autistic”
  • “incelsupport - overmoderated, slow, PC”
  • “loveshy - slow, makes /r9k/ look like tolerant women’s libbers”
  • “All these places have their own ideologies though. The incelsupport board was kind of PC and wanted to ignore anything related to physical appearance or gender issues, whereas the love-shy board is essentially misogynist and bitter like /r9k/.”

Ultimately, the forums became so ideologically split that – ironically – during this period, LoveShy forum became more like what Incel is nowadays and focused on external forces and sex, while IncelSupport forum was more like what love-shyness would be like and focused on the personality issues and self-improvement.[6]

In Shy Boys IRL (a documentary about, there was this discussion which wouldn't be allowed on IncelSupport:[7]

UWT: “I don’t know. I think you have somewhat feminist views but I mean that’s it.”
Kyle (a non-member): “Yeah, I agree that women are people.”
Advanced: “No see, that’s bullshit. And if you don’t realize that, you’ve been brainwashed.”

The ideological split between the forums was due to the policy regarding “free speech vs hate speech”, “supportive vs toxic threads”, and the moderation (or lack thereof).[8]

IncelSupport and the media[edit]

It's interesting to note that the media entirely ignored incels during the 8+ years IncelSupport was around, as shown in our list of articles about incels. The first media article about incels was in 2013, around the same year IncelSupport shut down.

Given misbehaved incel forums grew with the help of media, this suggests the media rewards bad behaviour, and is creating a negative-behaviour feedback loop by rewarding misbehaved incel forums with attention.

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