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Type: Blog
Founders: Diego J. Galante and Lamarcus Small
Frontend Admins: Lamarcus Small
Server Admins: Lamarcus Small (intermittently)
Writers: Lamarcus Small,
Diego J. Galante aka Alexander (posts deleted),
Naama Katz,
Frail Pale Stale Male,
Timothy Childs,
Ken Reidy
State: Defunct
Companies used: Cloudflare, Wordpress
Predecessors: None
Successors: None
Prior URLs: None
Alternate URLs: None
URL: is an incel person blog Diego J. Galante created in July 2020. It has a signup form and promises new blog posts every Monday.

It uses Wordpress and is often pinned on the forum, although with comments turned off as Diego J. Galante's forum is not nice to Serge or his non-forum work.

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