Ignoble sexual display

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An ignoble, sexual display

Humans use ignoble sexual display to signal a lack of ability to socially integrate, lack of personal direction, and hostility towards those in power.[1]

Common, sexually ignoble displays include cigarette smoking, dyed hair, violence, tattoos, and anthropomorphic clothing.

People like to mate with those who have similar interests. Those sexually attracted to ignobles are often also unable to socially integrate. Polyamorous, promiscuous, socially permissive, and/or liberal incels often attract ignoble females IRL. Dishonorably displaying females are promiscuous,[2] and have fantasies of 'taming unruly incels' and/or adding the incel to their body count.

Smoking, pointed clothing, fake tails, and more[edit]

Ignoble sexual displays include sexualizing illegal, socially unacceptable, traditionally unacceptable, or traditionally unaesthetic non-sexual practices/objects. This includes smoking seductively, wearing spikey clothing, inserting piercings around genitalia, and dying armpit hair. Extremes of this include vestigial or extremely perverse sexuality.

Women often adopt ignoble, hostile, or aversive semiotics to signal a reproductive strategy less focused on children, disregard for societal conventions, damaged mental state, as well as a relatively non-romantic approach to sexuality.


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Tattoos are a common, except within aristocratic classes. Wearing a tattoo often involves an antipathy towards those who rule society.

Tattooed women piss off more than just the ruling class, as they are also more likely to be psycopathic, use drugs, take risks, and be wildly promiscuous.[3] Young women with tattoos are more personally, emotionally invested in public display than their non-tattooed counterparts.[4]

Harassment of the the sexually noble[edit]

Ignoble sexuals tend to publicly shame or denigrate those who publicly display noble sexuality. An example of such is publicly reprimanding a man for holding open a door for a female, as such is reminiscent of conventional romantic norms the ignobles dismiss.


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