I want to be a hippy by Napoleon de Geso

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The following is an essay by NON-CUCKS UNITED user Napoleon de Geso describing how he wants to be a hippie.


I want to be a hippy. And in that day when my girlfriend says I need to find better paid job because we need more money, is the day when I need to ditch that materialistic cunt and look for new waifu.

Ok don't have waifu now of job, but maybe would need to find some job AFTER finding waifu, but only something easy, not requiring lots of time and energy, because I don't want to get tired from job or spend lots of time in it instead of playing videogames.

And now this fucking soyciety overall. Instead of having laid back life with cute adorable laid back waifu of culture, they want me to work hard, in hopes of geting ugly old uncultured femorloid

Destroy this soyciety, so I could be free from it's disgust
—Napoleon de Geso

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