INCEL beat saber (FasterSong, DIsapearingArrows)

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INCEL beat saber is a rap song about an incel who wants a virgin girlfriend. It was featured on Micah Brown's YouTube channel. It is unknown if he made it or not.


Hi my name is Jeremy it's nice to meet you.
I'm a nerdy boy who has a stuffed Pikachu.
I'm an incel and what does that really mean exactly.
I'm a virgin not by choice, so I'm just stick to fapping.
What I really want is a cutie virgin girlfriend, but Chad Thundercock will just steal her in the end.
That just makes her a Stacy [?] I'm blackpilled as fuck.  I hate women and children.
I don't want used goods, I don't want a roastie girlfriend [?] but they really don't know me.
Incel is my dome now, those guys are my homies.
Nevermind it's gone, now I really hate these normies.
Sorry kinda lost my temper for a minute.
Gonna check my Tinder, if I have a couple matches, and if no, this app is fucked up.
I have lost the gene lottery.  I never get the good luck.
This is really not fair.  Why the fuck does Chad Thundercock get all the tail.
I'm an incel.
I'm just too fucking ugly.  I don't know why all the girls don't like me.
I'm an incel
Every girl is a fucking slut.
If you ever had a daughter you're a fucking slut.
I'm an incel.
I'll just go on Reddit in the meantime, chat is over there.


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