Hybrid masculinity

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The term, ”hybrid masculinity”, is an "academic" feminist relabeling of the, "softboy", pejorative. In other words, the term stigmatizes non-masculine men who get angry at the fact that most women (outside a few countries perhaps) dislike non-masculine or weak men.

Academic proponents of the "hybrid masculinity theory" do not really offer ways to actually help incels escape social expectations of male masculinity; on the contrast they generally seem to imply that incels problems will be solved by them becoming subservient male feminists. This is a dubious proposition as women in countries that aren't 100% feminist, on average, appear to be particularly distrustful of men who violate social norms in the direction of being overly supportive of women's rights etc.

It has been asserted by several feminist academics that many self-identified incel forums, in particular users of incels.is and blackpillers in general, are proponents of "hybrid masculinity".[1][2]

Various meanings[edit]

The term often refers to "low-value" males who still buy into conventional "constructs" of expected masculine behavior, traits etc., despite not being up to live up to their own standards in this regard. These typically include the ideas of men being expected to exert dominance, often via brute force, men's worth being primarily measured by their ability to control and sexually conquer women, men's value being determined by their wealth and social status, etc., and other things that are related to "toxic masculinity".

The term also refers to men who get angry about female preference for masculine men, regardless of whether or not said men appreciate traditional gender roles, because such anger is too "dominating and patriarchal".

Original Softboy Definition[edit]

The original, "softboy", definition was written by a Medium writer named Alan Hanson:

He is emotionally intelligent [but] still a dick.
—Alan Hanson[3]

Hybrid Masculinity Definition[edit]

From societypages.org and the Men and Masculinities journal,[4][5] here is the hybrid masculinity definition:

Simply put, men are behaving differently, taking on politics and perspectives that might have been understood as emasculating a generation ago [...] however, we argue that research shows that this is most often happening in ways that don’t actually fundamentally alter gender and sexual inequality or masculine dominance” and “hybrid masculinities are better understood as obscuring


Both above definitions both mean, “feminine”, but you haven't cut your balls off yet so you are still oppressive and problematic.

(Reminder to insert the images of feminine-cels threatening suicide because women hate that they look feminine)


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