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Hunter eyes refer to eyes that are deep-set and lack eyecel traits. It is a quality associated with top-decile SMV. Its not only the incelosphere that regards such deep-set eyes preferable, just look at any modelling agencies and most of their models have a similar set of eyes.

They are vertically narrow eyes, usually covered by a big brow ridge and tilted eyebrows. This is usually due to high cheekbones.

Sex differences[edit]

Hunter eyes are likely a sexually dimorphic trait,[1] with men (especially Caucasians) having wider eyes that are proportionately narrower vertically owing to their more rectangular eye fissures.[2] Though, the correlation between wider eyes and global facial masculinity is weak, negative, and marginally significant in the case of the ratio of the width of the eyes compared to the vertical height, and thus it seems it would be common for men to have hunter eyes without having a particular masculine face in general, despite the feature itself likely being sexually dimorphic.

These traits (vertically narrow eyes with a low level of vertical scleral show) are considered essential aspects of 'hunter eyes'.[3]


Scientifically, it is an open question to which extent hunter eyes are directly attractive to women. Research on facial masculinity suggests that the role of most facially masculine features are generally overstated as an aspect of facial attractiveness for men, as most of these features do not play much of a role in driving female's evaluations of the attractiveness of male faces.[4] These features possibly play even less of a role in driving actual mating outcomes for men.

Nonetheless, individuals that are generally considered objectively attractive, such as male models, often appear to have pronounced hunter eyes. Men with hunter eyes look highly dominant and threatening, with a piercing, predatory gaze. Their eyes impart a distinctive look on those that bear them, suggesting they are generally considered to be alluring.

Despite them likely being a masculine sexually dimorphic trait, hunter eyes are also generally seen as an attractive feature among women, with many prominent actresses and female entertainers possessing this feature.[5] As well as being sexually attractive, hunter eyes in women may be associated with perceptions of greater sexual availability, possibly driving men's attraction to the women that have these kind of eyes.


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Some argue that vertical narrowness of the eyes has little to do with attraction, as exemplified by models with large eyes, including David Gandy. Females have large eyes relatively to their skull due to greater scleral show. However, it's not only due to scleral show. Females have smaller skulls which makes their eyes appear larger.

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