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Humanism is the belief that human beings should be treated with universal dignity and respect. It is also a rebuke of morality centered around supernatural or religious concerns. Proponents are often not religious, or are atheist.

Religious use of the term[edit]

The word, "humanism" is also used by religious folk in a slightly different manner. The word "humanism" has origins in religion, specifically the practice of studying the humanities, including math and Greek philosophy, while shunning dance, art, music and gardening.

Modern Religious Use[edit]

In modern religious use, the term 'humanism' more often refers to human centered ethics, and often non-superstitious beliefs. Modern religious humanism does not necessarily imply an explicit shunning of the liberal arts, like in the past. However, both modern religious and secular humanists still seem to not put much focus on modern liberal arts in their real-life gatherings.

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