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Hulseyism is a non-medical situation characterized by prolonged erections. It is a side-effect of inceldom characterized by erections occurring at the most inopportune moments, such as family gatherings, public speeches, etc.

Hulseyism vs NRBs[edit]

What makes hulseyism differ from other awkward NRB's (no reason boners) is that hulseyism means your permaboner seems to be reluctant to go away. Even when embarrassment has reached a boiling point, it is still pointing up at the sky as if tenaciously attempting to peek over a crowd at a concert to see its favorite celebrity.


Hulseyists with pale skin are often red-faced, because they feel mortified at the fact that their mooseknuckle (aka manbulge) is constantly visible.

As Jelqmaxxing[edit]

Hulseyism is a popular theme in jelqmaxxing circles, who claim that having being a hulseyist likely leads to having a larger penis due to the side-effects that suggests lengthy erections leads to the growth of penile tissue.[1]

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