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Homelessness is an issue primarily born from inceldom.

87% more, "rough sleeping" (completely homeless people) are men rather than women.[1] Millions of women would also be, "rough sleepers", but men choose to get into sexual relationships with such women, keeping them from the worst poverty possible. There are few women willing to be in sexual, romantic, or even platonic relationships with homeless men.


Mary Marcy argued in Women as Sex Vendors that the gendered nature of homelessness is proof that men have more to gain from social revolution than women.

Also, homelessness is arguably proof humans are a tournament species.


If you don't have a car, and you’re walkin, if you live at home with yo mama, I’m talkin to you. Wanna get with me with no money? Oh noooo! I don't want no scrubs. No scrubs. No love. No scrubs. No love.
—Bestselling female-only band, TLC


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