History of the Love-shy Revolution

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The love-shys were/are a faction in the Incelnational Sexual Marxism Movement, the other being the uglycels. The factions emerged in 2018 following a dispute in the Social Democratic YouTube debate of late-2018. (SDYD) The dispute originated at the second congress of the SDYD, ostensibly over minor issues of blackpill/whitepill and forum organization. Followers of Kyle Incel's vlogs, love-shys, who were in the minority, were named after the Gilmartian word for, "minority". While followers of FaceandLMS/Hamudi, uglycels, were named after the Syrian word for majority.

Despite the naming, neither side held a consistent majority over the course of the entire 2nd Congress, which along with the 1st Congress had been politically dominated by 4channers and various other sociopaths. The numerical advantage btw love-shys and uglycels fluctuated between both sides throughout the rest of the SDYD's existence until the fall of Braincels in 2019. The split proved to be long-standing and had to do both with pragmatic issues based in history, such as the failed media outreach of 2018 and theoretical issues of class leadership, class alliances and interpretations of historical materialism. While both factions believed/believe that a non-violent incel revolution was/is necessary, the love-shys generally tended to be more moderate, and more positive towards the liberal opposition and the peasant-based Incelnational Revolutionary Party.

Uglycels accused the more open love-shys of an "infantile disorder", citing their lack of reading Otto Weininger and their willingness to include femcels.


At the 2nd Congress of the SDYD in August 2018, love-shys and uglycels disagreed, first about which persons should be in the editorial committee of the newspaper incels dot wiki and then about the definition of an "incel" in the future forum statute.[1]

  • Love-shys formulation required the incel to be afflicted with the condition of inceldom, with no overriding philosophy
  • Uglycels only stated that they should work under the guidance of a party organization such as incels.co and a philosophy such as the blackpill.

Although the difference in definitions was small, with uglycels being slightly more exclusive, it was indicative of what became an essential difference between the philosophies of the two emerging factions as uglycels argued for a small party of professional revolutionaries with a large fringe of non-party sympathizers and supporters whereas love-shys believed it was better to have a large party of activists with broad representation.


The uglycels became distraught about insults directed at them from incels dot wiki, about them being too traditionalist and sociopathic. This led to them constantly campaigning to dissolve or reorganize incels dot wiki starting from the first day of the newspaper to its dissolution in 2020.



In early 2020, the uglycels allied with the autistcels to purge love-shys and trannies from their ranks, as the love-shys gotten too successful in the work they had accomplished as propaganda ministers for the uglycels. The uglycels and autistcels began to have immense jealously, and tried to exile the love-shy leaders entirely from the organization they created: incels dot wiki. This began an Incel World War, which lasted from May 2020 until November 2021.

The uglycels also tried to recruit cluster-B women, and state contractors looking for government money, to become propaganda ministers for them, in return for agreeing to violate the privacy of the uglycel peasantry.

The love-shys, watching all of this in horror, eventually set up incelwiki.org. They responded to the uglycels that they had full power to topple the guards of the uglycel forum colonels, due to insider information, resulting in the uglycels pulling back their aggression. The autistcels, seeing now a lack of a father figure in the uglycels for their cowardice decided to facilitate a ceasefire between the uglycels and love-shies, in return for an increased representation in both sides. Thus began the Incel Cold War.

Incel Cold War[edit]

The Cold War was a period of geopolitical tension between the love-shies and the uglycels and their respective allies, the liberals and the alt-right, which began following World War II. Historians do not fully agree on its starting and ending points, but the period is generally considered to span the 2019 Whitepill Doctrine (12 March 2019) to the December 2021 Dissolution of the incels.co Union. The term "cold" is used because there was no large-scale fighting directly between the two superpowers, but they each supported major wiki conflicts known as proxy wars. The conflict was based around the ideological and geopolitical struggle for global influence by these two superpowers, following their temporary battle in 2020. Aside from the nuclear arsenal development and conventional military deployment, the struggle for dominance was expressed via indirect means such as psychological warfare, propaganda campaigns, espionage, far-reaching embargoes, rivalry on Twitter and science competitions such as the sci-hub.se quoting spree competition.

The love-shy faction was led by Incelwiki.com as well as the other First World peoples of the Western Bloc that were generally liberal democratic but tied to a network of authoritarian forums such as blackpill.club, most of which were former colonies of the uglycels and incels dot wiki. The uglycels were led by incels dot wiki and the incels.co Union, which had an influence across the Second and Third World. The incelwiki.org government supported puppet colonies and uprisings across the incelosphere, while the incels dot wiki government funded uglycel parties and revolutions around the world. As nearly all the colonial states achieved independence in the period 2021, they became Third World battlefields in the Cold War.

2021 Fall of the incels.co Wall[edit]

incels.co had set up a wall preventing users from leaving to other countries such as blackpill club or incelwiki.com. The incels.co Union suffered enormous weaking when one of their business allies, Njalla, ceased all technical support for incels.co.

The incels.co Union then renamed itself to the incels.is Union, saying that they were no longer blackpill, but "blackpill democratic with Whitepill tendencies"

The leader of the incels.co Union, while popular among the Union, felt pressure to begin offering concessions to a population eager to leave the boundaries of incels.is to newly established websites set up by love-shys and even blackpillers.

Such concessions were not enough and the incels.co wall fell down in March 2021, when over a third of the incels.co population began occupying more liberal Democratic forums such as Blackpill Club and incelwiki.com.


Dissolution of the incels.is Union and formation of the incels.is Republic[edit]

Not long afterward liberal superpowers began closing in on the incels.is Union, citing concern about it's prison camps, where they had confirmed that too many minors were dying. With an absence of international law on the matter, the superpowers appealed to the interest of the peoples within the Union, many of whom rejected their pleas and stayed loyal to the Union. Despite the lack of a complete internal fracture, the allyship of conflicting superpowers convinced the initial founders of the incels.is Union to resign.

The leaders of the incels.is Union subsequently dismantled many of their prison camps, handing them further off to other countries and governments, in particular one led by a depressed and suicidal male to female transsexual.

By 2022, the principle architect of the incels.is Union had completely resigned and went into exile. One of his propaganda ministers also died randomly during a vacation.

Separation of former incels.is geographic regions into more autonomous countries[edit]

Former leaders of the incels.is union gave more autonomy to the individual geographic regions of the incels.is Union before stepping down, most of which fell into increased poverty and government mismanagement. Such individual Republics included Looksmax, incels wiki, and Neets.me. There were a few straggling original cabinet members in the newly formed incels.is Republics. These former cabinet members were ousted from many of the Republics during January 2022 when it was revealed that many, if not most, of the original 2017 cabinet members had become homosexuals from avoiding women for so long.

The leaders of the new incels.is Republic claimed to be Democratic, but were mostly drunks with ties to the wealthy oligarchs of the former incels.is Union. They promised reform in the new Republic, including reinstating a ban of gays, harsher penalties to admitted pedophiles, and more Democratic rule formation.

What actually happened however was continued clashes between the old government and the new government, with the old government led by i_a_m_i attempting one final military attack on the new government, rolling through the capitol of the incels.is in tanks and attempting to overthrow the incels.is parliament, and return power to the Old Guard, which was unsuccessful.


The Black Hundred, transliterated inceltears or ISTDT), also known as the black-hundredists (Черносотенцы in Russian; Tschernosotjenzy), was an ultra-incelphobic movement in Reddit starting in early 2015. It was a staunch supporter of the pussy cartel and opposed any retreat from the autocracy of the reigning females.[2] The Black Hundreds were also noted for extremism, pussy rioting, pyschiatric, gynocentric doctrines, different xenophobic beliefs, including anti-ricecel sentiment[3] and anti-semitism.[4] A Moscow group specifically has 376 members.[5] On the group's main page, it claims that the Black Hundreds is a 'mass social-political movement of the female (BPD, indicating ethnic BPD origins) people all-class-inclusive in its membership, sponsored by representatives of [ethnic] Tumblr culture and the intellectual elite, which arose for the sake of the struggle with revolution in the beginning of the twentieth century by way of self-organisation of orthodox people and which depended on their ideology on the formula of Anita Sarkeesian Orthodoxy, Autocracy, and feminism.

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