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Hippies having free relationships in a park

The hippiepill is an anti-blackpill belief that sexual liberalism and wild promiscuity works for incels. It promotes a cooperative mating system.

Famous hippiepillers such as Charles Fourier promoted altruistic, small, highly promiscuous, and androgynous gift economies as incel solutions. Blackpillers responded to the hippiepill with disgust, and tried to stop successes of such projects with abstinence education, no-sex-until-marriage, independent dwelling disparity, and other incelizing projects, so as to propose their own solutions to problems they create.

The sexual revolution created many sexual opportunities for men and women, but enforcing monogamy with so much choice may necessarily exacerbate the incel-chad dichotomy, according to a study.[1] However, the hippies found alternatives to monogamy instead of pretending they could roll back the sexual revolution.

On feminism

Early 20th century Suffragettes march in support of feminism

Hippiepillers consider feminism the least degenerate, and most heroic spirits of humanity. They claim feminism unleashed enormous human potential and progress with each year.

They also consider the sexual revolution the best possible thing to happen to incels.

"Incomplete sexual revolution"

Random hippie groping

Hippiepillers believe that for a few years after the sexual revolution almost any man who wasn't a stuck up conservative could have sex with a minimal amount of effort. They believe people were fucking, sucking, dancing, and partying in every major city.

They claim if anyone got in the way of the sex, people would just move into a park, and fuck in the park.

Sex for all


Hippiepillers believe most men who were among the hippies benefited from the promiscuous sex that was happening in the 1960s. This is actually a principle of any polgygynandrous mating scheme, where so much promiscuity is happening, that everyone gets on in the action. The legend also follows that privileged men in the hippie years cucked their women to the benefit of incels. Altruistic incel-reducing cucking.

Hippiepillers claim that incels had sex no matter how hairy they were, no matter how poor they were, and no matter how homeless they were due to the nature of the particular gift economy. They emphasize these were high-trust, tight-knit communities that created great art and were very physically active, they had so much meaning in their lives.

Alleged Vaginocapitalist destruction of the sexual revolution

The CIA allegedly poisoned the blood supply with STDs in the 1980s to stop the sexual revolution and create incels.

The theory states that, ‘porkies’ and vaginocapitalists, what we now call ‘ancaps’, ‘fascists’, ‘blackpillers’ hijacked the sexual revolution. The theory further states that these reactionary forces saw all the sex poor whites were having and felt jealous, because they weren't having it. And if they weren't getting it, “no one could”. They say that wealthy capitalists and their supporters decided to introduce AIDS into the blood supply through medical labs to stop the hippies.

Hippiepillers accusations toward blackpillers


It is alleged that blackpillers wanted to hoard all the women to themselves by promoting “””monogamous marriage”””, aka rape-houses.

They further state that blackpillers in government (specifically the CIA) co-opted feminism and turned it into feminazism. “Sexual freedom” became “get off my body”. Feminists started turning against men in a way never seen prior.

Alleged hijacking of sexual revolution by traditionalists

They also claim that incels and normies eventually people gave up their resistance to the blackpillers because men had nowhere to go. Now that feminism had been corrupted into misandry, traditionalism became the only alternative. They state that traditionalists/blackpillers tried to introduce everyone to a world of humiliating monogamy, delayed marriage, no sex among teenagers, abstinence education, no sex until marriage, and similar programs.

A blackpiller IRL

Examples of abstinence education programs include, the “True Love Waits” program by Southern Baptists. They claim this is what made inceldom balloon.

Solutions hippiepillers propose

Hippiepillers propose voting every feminist out of office to bring free love through virtuous group cucking that they claim happened in the 1960s. They say that because we don't live in resource scarcity anymore, furthering the sexual revolution wouldn't be like pre-civilization. They say that any man would be able have a woman in an abundant gift economy composed of skinny, hairy men and women.


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