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A gymcel is an incel who copes by thinking that he'll turn into a chad if he goes to the gym and works hard.

If you are a man, working out will increase your chances on Tinder an enormous amount in highly populated areas. However, many incels believe this does not apply outside online dating if you have a short stature, small physical frame, or less than attractive face. At the end of the day, most incels would benefit by gymcelling, especially fatcels who need to lose bodyfat to show their bone structure, or skinnycels who are just skin and bones, and could use extra muscles in their neck, shoulders and torso.

Scientific proof that face > body[edit]

A research study in 2007 which analyzed evolutionary behavior confirmed the following:

“For both sexes, face attractiveness predicted overall attractiveness more strongly than did body attractiveness, and this difference was significant in males.”[1]

Female reaction to a faceless gymcel[edit]

Some gymcels love to completely exclude their sub8 faces from their dating profiles. Here's how people react when they do that:

Gymcel expectation vs reality[edit]

Chico says it all[edit]

Chad simply doesn't have to gymcel. He knows that since his facial structure is already near perfect, gymcelling would simply be a waste of time and effort.


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