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Guanggun'er, or Single Man, is a Chinese comedic film about a man named Lao Yang trying to solve his inceldom through having an affair with another man's wife ("Cicisbeism").[1].

"Guanggun", is a Chinese term for, "incel" (involuntarily celibate) or, "unattractive single". The movie was directed and written by Jie Hao.


The movie is about about men in the Gu Jia Gou Village in China, where men vastly outnumber women. Some buy women from the Sichuan province, while others remain sexless, and others find ways to sneakily have sex.

Lao Yang is the lead-role. He had a crush on a girl when he was young, but was forbidden from dating her. Now she is the wife of a head villager. They have trysts while the woman is still married, but Lao seeks a deeper relationship.[2]



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